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Chinese Millet Sprays

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Fresh golden sprays with excellent germination results. Suitable for Budgies, Parakeets and Finches.

They are shipped to Haith's direct from China and come into their own when babies are being weaned (sprays can encourage them to eat when they have yet to find the seed pots) and at shows after judging.

Some breeders recommend soaking and washing sprays thoroughly with an aviary disinfectant. Soaking softens sprays and that makes it easier for young birds to eat the sprays.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Graham Berrill

First order was lost in transit appears to be stuck somewhere in West Midlands depot replacement here within 48hrs cannot fault haiths for replacement order. Product excellent

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We are glad you are happy with the service and the Quality of the Chinese Millet Sprays.

Jane-Louise Dippie
And there it was ... gone!

Known in our household as "budgie sweeties!" Little feathered fiends can demolish a whole bunch in 20 minutes. Mind you, I have 120 or so pecky pirhanas!!! Fantastic value with huge, fat seedheads.

Thank you for the review on our Chinese Millet Sprays. It's lovely to hear that they are going don so well.

Helen Bowiew
Happy parrots

My birds love it especially my very shy Barraband

Thank you for the review, it's great to hear that your Barraband is enjoying the Chinese millet sprays.

Great quality millet

What can I say but ordered yesterday, arrived today , fantastic service & great quality millet!
Highly recommend, cheers…..

Thank you Paul for the great review. We are pleased you are happy with the quality of our seeds and the speed of our delivery.

Lisa Williams

These are "furry" compared with the spray millet I was receiving 2 years ago, guess they may be a differant variety? But they are free from dust. My 2 lads love them, and I've just increased my order from 1kg to 2kg. Excellent value.

Hello Lisa, it's great to hear that the Chinese Millet sprays are appreciated by your birds. Thank you for taking the time to write us a review