Baitworld Special: Haith's Robin Red gets a new Identity

Baitworld Special: Haith's Robin Red gets a new Identity

In this month's Carpworld magazine: "Robin Red has been around since the birth of specialised carp baits and has been used by the likes of Fred Wilton, and Rod Hutchinson. This started a trend of using Haith’s products in a wide variety of different baits that changed the fishing world."

Haith’s are justifiably proud of this great reputation for supplying super-fresh and top-quality ingredients to bait firms worldwide. The trouble is do you actually know that you are getting the real deal when it comes to your bait, and not a cheap and inferior Robin Red fake? With this in mind, Haith’s has launched a new, fresh brand identity for its flagship brand, Robin Red. This is to not only help bait companies prove they buy from Haith’s and that they’re an Approved Robin Red Bait Firm, but also that anglers get the genuine article in their bait, and aren’t getting ripped-off.

Fish with a legend - Robin Red
Haith’s have created a series of adverts (in fifteen languages) to express how anglers feel about the legendary red stuff, and to help anglers pinpoint the manufacturers who use Robin Red to make some of the best baits on the planet. They are also working directly with their overseas Approved Bait Firms to translate them into 15 international languages to make it easier for anglers to find genuine Robin Red throughout Europe.

Haith’s Associate Director and Chief Digital Officer, Simon King told us:

“We believe the best way we can serve anglers is to make it easier for them to source genuine Robin Red so they don’t waste their time or money fishing with fake bait. We can’t get the time we spend at the lake back if we have a bad day’s fishing with poor quality ingredients. When anglers invest good money in a Robin Red bait and take time away from the family or from work, we want them to be 100% confident that they’re fishing with a product they can trust and have the confidence to fish like a bear, like they mean it!

We protect anglers by asking progressive bait fi rms to sign up to our Approved Robin Red Bait Firm scheme. Several years ago, we launched our unique Robin Red Logo and Licence scheme and that’s made it easier for anglers to identify the manufacturers who use our ingredients. To strengthen this, we’re excited to reveal to Carpworld readers the new Robin Red brand identity. As the months unfold, more bait firms will use the identity in their marketing and that will make it even easier for anglers to see who’s approved to use Robin Red.

Our two main messages are ‘fish like you mean it’ and ‘fish with a legend’ and we hope anglers will agree with the sentiment that time is too precious to fish with anything other than genuine ingredients.”

Robin Red Licence
Anglers are encouraged to visit to find out who’s on the Robin Red approved list or call: 0800 298 7054. This means it is now easy to establish exactly which companies buy straight from Haith’s bait manufacturers like Dynamite and CC Moore.

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