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Budget Budgie Seed - Priced to fly! NEW

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NEW: Introducing Budget Budgie Seed

Created by Champion budgie breeder Chris Snell.

When talk of a more challenging economy hit the headlines, Simon King from Haith's and Champion budgie breeder Chris Snell agreed to create a "budget" budgie seed to help bird-keepers continue to buy quality seed during what looks set to be an economic crisis.

"I wanted to use my 57+ years of knowledge as a budgie-breeder to help people continue to afford to feed their budgies - it made sense to help Haith's create budget budgie," says Chris Snell, "and hats off to them for thinking about budgie keepers."

At the top of Chris Snell's checklist remained super-clean seeds and a good variety of seeds. "These are non-negotiable," says Chris, "quality always counts, but affordability in this economy needs to come a close second. I think we've cracked it with budget budgie! It's good enough for my budgerigars and I'm sure it will help budgie keepers continue to keep their birds fit and healthy without breaking the bank. If you don’t have to watch the pennies, stick with what’s already working for you and your birds; however, if funds are tight, give budget budgie a try – you won’t be disappointed.”

Haith's director Simon King says, "With Chris's expert help, we've created a budget budgie seed mix that can live up to three generations of seed cleaning and blending whilst being very affordable. The last thing we want is budgie keepers unable to afford to feed their birds, and budget budgie should mean no budgies go hungry this autumn/winter with household bills set to skyrocket."

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Budget budgie includes canary seeds, millets, oats, groats, and budgie tonic.

Customer Reviews

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Dave Paterson
Not sure this is bargain

Seed is very small but clean. Think you need to feed more so not sure it is any cheaper to use.

Hello Dave, thank you for your feedback. This is a basic budgie seed designed to help those who are struggling to feed their pets. We do other budgie mixes that may be more suitable for your birds. However, I will pass your feedback on to our development team