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Drink Up! Water Feeder for garden birds

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Designed to offer an essential source of water to garden birds.

Large base section allows birds to drink easily and safely.

Simply unscrew the bottle from the base and fill with water.

Tighten the bottle back onto the base keeping the bottle upside down until the bottle is securely fastened.

Hang from a branch or a feeding station


Height - 22 cm (from base to top of hanging loop)

Diameter of water bottle - 8 cm

Diameter of base - 16 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marilyn Reid
Really disappointing!

I thought that the idea was brilliant, but, sadly, it really didn't work!

We're sorry to hear that the Drink Up! water feeder is not successful in your garden at the moment. Please bear with it, as we have found that it can take a little while for the bids to become accustomed to it.

Anthony Moreton
Just the job, especially for the little ones.

I have always put out plenty of water next to my seed feeders, but, as others have found, the larger birds tend to take over. Woodpigeons in particular will actually spend a long time just sitting in a bird bath or water dish to cool off. It took several days before the small birds decided to take a look, but that is always the case with new objects. Once discovered, however, it has become a regular stop-off for all the paridae, finches, robins, dunnocks, etc. The small form factor keeps the larger birds at bay, and the automatic reservoir provides a constant supply of fresh water. A great addition to the feeding station - once you get the knack of putting it up without getting wet!

Thank you for taking the time to write us a lovely review. It's great to hear that the birds are enjoying the Drink-Up! Water Feeder.

Brilliant "on tap" water supply for birds.

This discrete water "feeder" is used regularly by visiting birds. I wish I had found it earlier. Unlike the bird bath we have the water supply is clean. Our standard stone bird bath is quickly sullied by free for
all starling dive bombers and gets all splashed out.

Hello Jacqueline, thank you for your review on the Drink Up! Water Feeder. It's proved so popular with birds quickly getting the hang of the feeder, especially in this hot weather.

Andrew McIlwraith
The birds like them!

I bought these because of the recent hot/dry weather.

My usual provision of water for my feathered friends was by means of two bird baths - one deep, one shallower for the smaller birds. Due to the good weather, however, the bath element has become the main use by the birds with the result there was never any water available for drinking.

The Drink Up! bottles have covered the shortfall admirably.

Thank you for the review. We are glad to hear that the Drink Up! water bottles are working and keeping the bird in your garden hydrated.

Jan Tapper

Ideal for concealing in the trees alongside a feeder. It took no more than 2 days before the sparrows and finches became used it and is now hugely popular. Easy to clean and fill.

Thank you, Jan for the review. We love this product and it's great to hear that your birds are enjoying using it too.