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  • The ultimate mix for feeding during spring
  • The mix for parent and fledglings full of energy seeds
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Fledge™ Bird Food- Optimal foraging

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Dunnock, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Starling, House Sparrow, Collared Dove

Fledge makes life easier for fledglings and busy parents - Give your birds the nutritional edge to a successful fledge - Promotes enriched and natural foraging behaviour.

Fledge is a new innovation in bird food offering optimal foraging of energy and nutrients for busy parents and fledglings during the spring and summer breeding season.

Why 'optimal foraging?'

Birds are more likely to survive when they choose an effective feeding strategy and this we call optimal foraging.

Why Fledge?

Fledge hasn't been created to replace your birds' favourite bird food, it's been designed to feed alongside existing foods and offer extra energy, extra nutrition, and promote natural enrichment (encouraging natural sifting behaviour when fed on a bird table). 

As a bird goes about its daily duties, just living, growing and reproducing, it consumes energy and nutrients which need to be replaced if it's to remain healthy and alive. Even finding and digesting food takes energy and nutrients. This is why providing good quality, clean and nutritious bird food is so important - the supplementary food we provide saves birds' energy and enables them to get on with the other important duties of bird life such as looking for mates, building nests and even sleeping.

Fledge goes one step further than traditional bird food, though, as it contains so much more variety and natural nutrition in the shape of spinach leaf, dried mealworms, wholesome hearts of sunflower, raisins, easy to forage small millet seeds, and peanut granules (to prevent choking) glossed in natural aniseed oil. Fledge is a conditioning tonic bird food and it promotes natural foraging behaviour.

Fledge gives your garden birds the nutritional edge.

Please note this product includes raisins and can be toxic to dogs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
alison elves (Jarrow, GB)
all birds love this

i've reordered this food because my bird family jest increases .. starlings blackbirds robins blud **** cosl tiits and ldquirrel alongsiide jackdaws
every animal loves it 🥰

Hello Alison, thank you for your review. It is so lovely that this mix is bringing many species to your garden.

Susanna hawthorne (Rotherham, GB)
birdie cordon bleue

First time trying this and its popularity is amazing! The feeder is empty every day with wren, tree sparrow, long tailed **** as well as other garden birds eating it up. Your fat balls brought the parent birds in the first place, now they have babies and are feeding the babies this mix and themselves the fat balls. Massive success, I shall be buying this mix all summer long. Thank you on the birds behalf.

Hello, many thanks for your lovely review. We're so pleased to hear that it's working in your garden.

a.e. (Council Bluffs, US)

wow this new food certainly tickles all birds fancies !!!!
I have all sorts of birds robins…sparrows ,,sparrowhawk..jackdaws,,criws ..starlings snd yes pusgeons all fighting for this food aswell as blue **** coaltits and a timid mistelthrush
Im so thrilled that this food is enjoyed by so many and they all come back for seconds
what is funny is that there is none left at each sitting lol
ill be reordering this …my birds will not be without
I gavd tried liads of foods but this one is deffo the winner

Hello Alison, thank you for leaving this lovely review. Fledge™ is a popular mix and a great choice, especially during the breeding season.

Vernon schwiegert (Oldbury, GB)
Quality seed mix

Good quality seed birds love it I usually have the Dried mealworm mix but now I mix the two covers every bird that comes in the garden

Hello, thank you for taking the time to write us a review and send us a beautiful photo.

Mina Caulfield (Hull, GB)
Starling Invasion

We tried this feed because of so many little starlings in our garden. Result! Dozens more baby starlings (and their mums). We could hardly see the lawn for all the birds on it - the noise was pretty chaotic too. I don't ever remember seeing so many starlings in one small garden. Is this an exceptional year for starlings? Must go - the starlings are gathering again calling loudly for second helpings! Many thanks to Haiths for enabling this wonderful spring. Regards, Mina CStarling invasion

Hello Mina, thank you for the lovely review. It sounds as if you have your hands full with your starling invasion and that the Fledge mix is very popular in your garden.

What are the benefits of feeding wild bird food?

Winter can pose difficulties for birds as they search for their own sustenance, making the act of providing them with food particularly advantageous. This not only aids birds in locating nourishment, especially during harsh cold spells and helps to give them the energy they need to survive the harsh winter. They also benefit us as humans by giving us company and helping educate us about their natural behaviours.

Why is clean bird food better for wild birds?

By meticulously eliminating dust, waste husks, and extraneous substances, which, if present in bird food, can harm sensitive tissues and facilitate the entry of harmful pathogens, we're nearing the ability to quantify the significant improvement our diets offer, being free from dust, contaminants, impurities, and potential disease-causing agents.

We conduct unique testing on bird foods that, to the best of our knowledge, sets us apart from other bird food companies. The primary advantage for our feathered friends is the exceptional cleanliness of our

Can I buy wild bird food in bulk?

Yes, you certainly can, our quantities range from 500g all the way up to 40kg (two 20kg bags) at discounted prices.

Buy wild bird feed for wildlife in the Haith's sale

How can I feed UK garden birds on a budget?

We offer year-round discounts to support our customers in caring for their feathered companions while ensuring to provide healthy, clean and nutritious bird seeds and feeds. Be sure to regularly check our Sale page for great offers.

Wild bird food FAQs

What should I not feed wild birds?

Bread is the biggest no-go feeding option, bread can lead to birds feeling full quickly, potentially causing them to overlook nourishing food options.

How often should I put out wild bird food?

The general rule of thumb is to check your bird feeders every day and only put out enough food for up to two days. This in the long run will help you save money by seeing which seeds your feathered companions are drawn to. Checking the feeders daily can also help you to see if there are any clumps or spoilages of seed that need to be removed.

Should I feed wild birds?

By feeding wild birds you are single-handedly helping to aid the survival of birds and their young. Supporting garden birds can bring you just as much satisfaction as it does to them.