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  • High-quality, simple to use niger seed feeder with two feeding ports
  • Robust polycarbonate tube with metal perches.
  • Niger seed feeder with easy to open flick and click lid and hanging loop
  • Sturdy niger seed feeder with hanging loop and two feeding ports
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Flick 'n' Click Niger Seed Feeder

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Introducing the Flick 'n' Click Niger Seed Feeder, a cleverly designed and user-friendly solution to make feeding niger seeds to your garden birds a breeze. Crafted with simplicity and practicality in mind, this feeder offers a hassle-free way to attract finches, siskins and other small birds to your garden.

The Flick 'n' Click feature sets this feeder apart, making it remarkably easy to open and fill. With a simple flick, the top lid opens smoothly, allowing for quick refilling without any fuss. Closing securely with a magnetic clasp, this feeder ensures that niger seeds remain protected from the elements, keeping them fresh for the garden birds, and reducing waste.

Made from durable materials, the Flick 'n' Click Niger Seed Feeder is built to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your garden. The transparent tube design allows you to keep an eye on the seed levels, making it easy to know when it's time for a refill. This feeder is specifically tailored for niger seeds, a favourite among finches, goldfinches, and siskins.

Hang this feeder securely in your garden and watch as the Flick 'n' Click Niger Seed Feeder becomes a popular feeding spot for small birds. The small port openings enable easy access, preventing spillage and making it a comfortable dining experience for the garden birds.

Enhance your birdwatching moments with this product-focused and straightforward feeder. The innovative Flick 'n' Click design ensures ease of use, making it an ideal choice for bird enthusiasts seeking a convenient and effective solution for attracting finches and other small birds to their garden. Choose the Flick 'n' Click Niger Seed Feeder to streamline your bird feeding routine and create a welcoming space for your garden bird visitors.

Height (excluding hook): Approx. 7 inches.