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  • Haith's® CLO (Cod Liver Oil) Contains genuine Cod Liver Oil and high-quality bird food ingredients with extra-special spice extracts to make our fishing bait base mix.
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Haith's® CLO (Cod Liver Oil)

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Adds texture and crunch to a base mix. Contains genuine Cod Liver Oil and high-quality bird food ingredients with extra-special spice extracts.

CLO is another great high fat product with superb binding qualities. Fat is a vital ingredient in any carp bait, be it boilie, pellet or pulse. This, in part accounts for the success of CLO, which stands for 'Cod Liver Oil'. Along with most bird feeds, fats greatly contribute to the effectiveness of any carp bait as they allow the protein content of the bait to be utilised more fully. Thus the uptake of dietary protein in turn contributes to the carps' well being and general health.

CLO is a very popular base mix ingredient that takes this to another level, as the fat content promotes quicker, more effective uptake of the nutrients that comprise the rest of the base mix. This is our own version of the universally popular Sluis CLO and in our opinion this is more effective in a base mix as it come to you pre-ground as a fine powder, thus blending in quickly and effectively with the other components of the mix. These are the main advantages of our CLO.

  • Adds cod Liver Oil value to base mixes.
  • Contains all the essential omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Increases nutrition and attraction qualities.
  • Improves binding qualities.
  • Adds texture and crunch to a base mix.
  • Introduces protein-sparing fats.
  • Oil-rich seeds add crunch and boost attraction.

Analytical constituents:
Crude Protein: 15.0%,
Crude Fibre: 2.2%,
Ash: 2.4%,
Total Oil: 12.54%,
Starch: 44.9%,
Moisture: 10.3%

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Haddon
haiths seed

excellent as usual always very pleased .

Hello David, thank you for your kind review.

James Betts
Simply The Best Clo In The Market

"Added to all my bird food mixes, pre ground for ease of use, great addition to a bookie mix, wouldn't roll bait without it in the mix."

Product Clo

"As always throughout my association with Haiths since the early Eighties the product quality and value has always been excellent and with the addition of the new range of products for the home boilie maker, making quality bait has got a lot easier. My numerous years connected to Haith products are a endorsement of complete satisfaction and confidence in the quality of their materials for my home made bait of which I have had the pleasure of banking many a specimen over the years."

Stephen Robinson
No 1 On My List

"Been using CLO 35 year ish. I always have it in my bait just has to be there. I've seen copies that claim to be better but that is not CLO in my mind. Also if your mix is going wrong it can be a great saver. Don't make baits with out !!!"

Mark Rice
Great Product

"Great product and excellent quality"