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  • High-quality robust metal feeder holds up to 3 small fat balls.
  • High quality flip top fat ball feeder suitable for small fat balls
  • Small fat ball feeder made from sturdy metal and easy to remove base.
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Heavy Duty Flick ‘n’ Click Fat Ball Feeder

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Introducing the Heavy Duty Flick 'n' Click Fat Ball Feeder – a quality bird feeder that is sturdy and designed specifically for ease of use. Crafted from strong metal, this feeder is perfect for anyone wanting a reliable and tough dispenser for small fat balls. It sets up a welcoming and tasty feeding spot for a variety of garden bird species and the sleek black design not only looks stylish but also makes the feeding station look modern and classy. 

Built to last, this feeder can handle different weather conditions, offering a sturdy and lasting solution for your garden. Holding up to three small fat balls, it's a great choice to create a full and inviting feeding spot for the garden birds.

The flick-top lid is smartly designed to open with a simple flick, making an easy refilling experience. Closing securely with a magnetic clasp, it keeps fat balls safe from varying weather conditions.

Designed with a strong mesh, the feeder provides a safe and comfy feeding experience. The mesh design lets birds cling easily while enjoying their suet treat. The feeder's base is easy to remove, making cleaning a simple task to keep the feeding area hygienic.

Choosing the Heavy Duty Flick 'n' Click Fat Ball Feeder upgrades your bird feeding setup. With its sturdy metal, easy features, and thoughtful design, this feeder shows a dedication to offering a durable, practical, and enjoyable feeding solution for your garden bird visitors. Hang it up securely and enjoy the sight of birds flocking to your garden.