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  • High-Protein Crumbs is designed to give birds a good start. The high levels of quality proteins, balanced minerals and vitamins will ensure early feathering.
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High-Protein Cage & Aviary Bird Crumbs

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Introducing our premium high-protein micro-particles, specially formulated to cater to the nutritional needs of cage and aviary birds. With a protein content of 26.00%, these micro-particles offer a well-rounded diet essential for the health and vitality of your caged birds. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our product stands as a testament to our commitment to avian wellness.

The benefits of incorporating protein crumbs into the diets of cage and aviary birds are manifold. Firstly, protein serves as a fundamental building block for various bodily functions, including muscle development, feather quality, and overall growth. By providing a high-protein diet, you ensure that your birds receive the necessary nutrients to thrive and flourish in their environment.

Furthermore, protein-rich diets contribute to enhanced reproductive health in breeding pairs, fostering successful breeding seasons and promoting the vitality of offspring. The balanced nutritional profile of our micro-particles, which includes 3.50% fiber, 7.00% ash, and 5.00% oil/fat, ensures comprehensive support for your birds' well-being.

In addition to the nutritional advantages, our high-protein micro-particles offer unparalleled convenience. Whether you prefer the ease of online shopping or the personalised experience of visiting our shop, acquiring our product is a seamless process. You can conveniently purchase our protein crumbs through our user-friendly website or explore our shop in person, where our knowledgeable staff stand ready to assist you with any inquiries.

By choosing our premium micro-particles, you invest in the health and vitality of your cage and aviary birds, providing them with a superior dietary option that meets their nutritional requirements. Introduce High Protein Crumbs into your feeding regime, and witness the remarkable difference in your birds well-being and vitality.