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  • Ecopond Ice free stops bird baths freezing up to -4 degrees Celsius
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Ice Free for Bird Baths

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Ice Free for Bird Baths from Ecopond, is an eco-friendly product which will prevent water in bird baths from freezing up to -4 degrees centigrade.  

Allowing birds to drink and bathe in cold weather - this formula is based on plant extracts which will prevent freezing without harming birds or other wildlife.  

Totally organic and safe for wildlife, plants, humans and pets.

Easy to use, no need to dilute before application

Customer Reviews

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Andrew McIlwraith
The jury is still out

Not necessarily too scientific but my observations are based on the BBC's weather info.

The product info states at the stipulated dosage it should stop water freezing down to -4C and that it can be strengthened by using a higher concentration if the temperature is lower. As it was frosty overnight Thurs/Friday (I was away from home) on Friday I decided to use it Fri/Sat as the forecast was to continue cold for the next few days. I discovered, however, that the UNDILUTED product in its container had frozen solid overnight, although the published data from the BBC gave the low temperature overnight Thurs/Fri as -5C; difficult to see how the diluted product would fare if the concentrated version couldn't cope..

Overnight Sat/Sun BBC forecast was -1C for my area but my bird bath froze overnight using the recommended dosage. Certainly the ice was only a couple of mm thick and could be easily broken by me.

Hello Andrew, thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We would recommend starting with fresh water and topping up regularly. We will, however, keep an eye on the reviews for this product.