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  • A brown and yellow bottle of 100% natural, Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Granules.
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Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Granules

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Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Granules stand as a practical and humane solution for safeguarding garden birds from potential threats posed by domestic pets. As responsible stewards of wildlife, creating a bird-friendly environment entails mitigating risks, and these granules offer a range of benefits for the well-being of our feathered friends.

One of the primary advantages of Repellent Scatter Granules is their role in deterring cats and dogs from areas frequented by garden birds. The granules are infused with natural, non-harmful scents that are unpleasant to pets but harmless to wildlife. This ensures a safe and effective method of discouraging pets from venturing too close to bird-feeding stations or nesting areas, reducing the stress and disturbance that predatory behaviour can cause to garden birds.

The granules act as a preventative measure against potential altercations between pets and birds. By creating a pet-repellent zone, bird enthusiasts can minimize the risk of cats and dogs disturbing nesting sites, intimidating fledglings, or preying on vulnerable young birds. This proactive approach contributes to a more secure environment for garden birds to thrive and raise their broods.

Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Granules are easy to use, providing a convenient solution for bird enthusiasts. Simply scatter the granules in areas where pets may pose a threat, such as around bird feeders, nesting boxes, or favoured roosting spots. The granules are weather-resistant and long-lasting, offering lasting protection for garden birds against potential disruptions caused by pets.

In addition to safeguarding birds, the repellent scatter granules offer peace of mind to pet owners. The natural, pet-friendly formula ensures that the product poses no harm to cats and dogs, allowing for a harmonious coexistence between pets and the garden wildlife.

Cat and Dog Repellent Scatter Granules present a thoughtful and effective solution for promoting the safety and well-being of garden birds. By acting as a deterrent against potential threats from domestic pets, these granules contribute to creating a nurturing environment where birds can thrive, nest, and raise their young without unnecessary disruptions or stress.

100% natural and biodegradable scatter granules with aromatic plant oils that humanely repel cats and dogs and prevents digging, scratching and fouling.

These granules can be used to treat vulnerable areas such as patios, tilled soil and loose gravel. It works as an aversive product to help reduce scratching and fouling.

Treats up to 150m2 of outdoor garden areas