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  • A white, red and yellow welfare-friendly mouse trap, next to brightly coloured packaging.
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Live Catch Mouse Traps

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The Live Catch Mouse Traps are a humane, welfare-friendly and reusable and they come baited and ready to use.The tip and trap mechanism for easy setting is an alternative style to traditional snap traps. The locking bar ensures that the captured mouse cannot escape.

Introducing the Live Catch Mouse Trap a humane, welfare-friendly and resuable, and they come baited and ready to use. It not only addresses the need for pest control but also upholds compassion and ethical treatment towards animals. The Live Catch Mouse Trap, epitomizes this approach, providing an effective solution while prioritising the well-being of rodents.

The Live Catch Mouse Trap operates differently, designed to capture mice without inflicting any harm. Its mechanism involves a simple yet effective design that lures mice into a compartment where they can be safely confined until released.

One of the key benefits of using a humane mouse trap like this is the avoidance of unnecessary suffering.  In contrast, the Live Catch Mouse Trap ensures that mice are unharmed and can be released back into their natural habitat, promoting a more humane approach to pest control.

Moreover, humane traps offer a more environmentally friendly solution. They eliminate the need for harmful chemicals or poisons that may pose risks to other animals, pets, or the ecosystem. By opting for a non-toxic, catch-and-release method, individuals can effectively manage pest issues without contributing to environmental degradation.

Another advantage of humane mouse traps is their versatility and reusability. Unlike disposable traps that need constant replacement, the Live Catch Mouse Trap can be used multiple times, making it a cost-effective and sustainable option in the long run. Additionally, its durable construction ensures reliability and longevity, providing a dependable solution for ongoing pest control needs.

Furthermore, employing humane traps fosters a sense of empathy and respect towards all living creatures. Each trap is reusable and catches one mouse at a time. This means the captured mice can be released without the need for handling by choosing to treat mice with compassion and promoting a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

The Live Catch Mouse Trap embodies the principles of compassion, effectiveness, and sustainability in pest control. By utilizing humane methods, individuals can effectively manage mouse infestations while respecting the well-being of these small creatures and the environment as a whole


Suitable for use around children and pets.