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  • Blue plastic canary eggs for caged or aviary canaries. pack of five.
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Plastic Canary Eggs pack of 5

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The utilisation of plastic canary eggs has revolutionised the breeding practices of canary enthusiasts, offering a range of benefits that contribute to the well-being of both the breeders and their feathered companions. These synthetic eggs, meticulously crafted for canaries, serve as invaluable tools in promoting successful breeding outcomes.

One of the primary advantages of plastic canary eggs lies in their role as a valuable training aid for novice breeders or inexperienced parent canaries. Placing these imitation eggs in the nest encourages birds to develop proper nesting behaviours and helps refine their incubation techniques. This is particularly beneficial for first-time breeding pairs, ensuring that they are well-prepared and adept at caring for their future offspring.

The use of plastic eggs also aids in preventing issues related to egg-binding, a condition where a female bird struggles to pass eggs. By introducing artificial eggs, breeders can control the timing and frequency of egg-laying, reducing the likelihood of complications. This proactive approach to breeding management enhances the overall health and reproductive success of canaries.

Furthermore, plastic canary eggs offer a practical solution for fostering consistent breeding cycles. The artificial eggs provide a stable foundation for breeders to control the timing of clutch initiation, allowing for strategic planning of breeding seasons. This level of control is essential for canary enthusiasts aiming to maintain a stable and predictable breeding schedule, facilitating better management of their aviaries.

The durability of plastic canary eggs adds to their appeal. Unlike natural eggs, which are fragile and prone to breakage, these synthetic counterparts are resilient and long-lasting. This not only reduces the need for constant replacement but also minimizes disruptions in the breeding process caused by broken or damaged eggs.

In conclusion, the benefits of plastic canary eggs extend beyond mere replicas in the nest. These artificial eggs play a pivotal role in avian breeding practices by promoting proper nesting behaviours, preventing complications, and providing breeders with control over the reproductive cycle. As an essential tool for both novice and experienced breeders alike, plastic canary eggs contribute to the overall success and well-being of canary populations in captivity. 

These eggs are used to teach the birds to lay eggs at a certain spot and used as a substitute for eggs that have been previously laid.