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  • Ready Mix™ for fishing is  widely used as a highly attractive base mix ingredient
  • Ready Mix™ for fishing - a bright orange, attractive base mix ingredient.
  • Ken Townley's catch using Ready Mix™.
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Ready Mix™ for fishing

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Haith's paper bag size guide - up to 20kg.

Widely used by the bait making industry NOT as an alternative to Robin Red but as an ingredient in its own right.

Some folks mistakenly refer to this ingredient as a poor man’s Robin Red, but that’s doing it a grave injustice!

The fact is that Ready Mix is widely used by the bait making industry and home rollers as a highly attractive base mix ingredient that adds considerably to the nutritional properties of your bait.

In fact, Ready Mix actually contains a proportion of Robin Red in the recipe, and it is true that, like Robin Red, it’s actually designed not as a fishing bait additive, but as a colouring agent for cage and aviary show birds, specifically canaries; however, the overall make-up of the bait is markedly different to Robin Red. This gives it a distinctively different smell and taste, one that carp easily recognise as suggesting a "food source" and one that they seem to love the taste of.

Analytical constituents:
Moisture: 4.52%,
Protein: 15.20%,
Oil B: 12.35%,
Ash: 2.86%,
Crude Fibre: 3.90%,
Sodium: 0.35%,
Starch: 29.3%

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