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  • Red Band Pigeon Conditioner makes a great fishing bait use to Make Your Own Boilies.
  • An effective, yet inexpensive, blend of slightly larger seeds flavoured with aniseed oil. Red Band is highly attractive to carp, tench and other large coarse fish.
  • Haith's Red Band Pigeon Conditioner that has been soaked.
  • Red Band benefits from a soak followed by a boil. It starts to exude a glutinous milky substance following the boiling process and carp find this sticky liquid irresistible.
  • Ken Townley with his catch using Red Band.
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Red Band® for fishing

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Our world-famous Red Band Pigeon Conditioner also makes a great fishing bait!

Now well known within the carp fishing community throughout Europe, Red Band was originally one of the best-kept secrets of carp anglers in the Home Counties. It featured heavily in the success of anglers on Savay as well as those on the other prestige venues in the Colne Valley. An effective, yet inexpensive, blend of slightly larger seeds flavoured with aniseed oil, Red Band is highly attractive to carp, tench and other large coarse fish. It’s perhaps one of the best seed mixes of all time (according to some) and it's outright famous for fishing! Ground down to a fine powder - I (Ken Townley) use a coffee grinder - Red Band can be included as an integral part of a birdfood base mix, especially if other top quality products are used to supplement the recipe. Red Band is a nutritionally balanced, medium protein/high energy seed mix, which is supplemented with high-attract mini pellets and topped off with aniseed.

Preparation is simplicity itself: simply soak the Red Band overnight, and then boil it for 15-20 minutes so that much of the water is reduced. Correctly prepared Red Band exudes a thick, glutinous, milky goo and carp find this sticky liquid practically irresistible.

Bait making tip:

To make a larger batch of bait, leave five kilos of Red Band in soak for a minimum of 24hrs, and then boil it in a Baby Burco for 15mins. Switch off the heat and allow the mixture to cool. After a further 24hrs, the Baby Burco will be is full of sweet-smelling seeds swimming in a juicy soup of thick glutinous liquid. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a Baby Burco, as you can prepare smaller amounts on your cooker at home in exactly the same way.

No longer on the secret list, Red Band Pigeon Conditioner is one of the best seed mixes going.

Match anglers also benefit from the pulling power of our many seed and groundbait products, so give our Red Band a try. You might be surprised at the success it will bring!

Analytical constituents:
Oil A: 9.29%,
Crude Protein: 12.4%,
Crude Fibre: 4.9%,
Moisture: 11.2%,
Ash: 3.6%,
Total Oil: 10.04%,
Starch: 54.9%

Please note: Recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Peter James

Excellent next day delivery, been using this product for a few seasons always gets results, the swim is often fizzing after the first few spods and keeps them there. The addition of molasses certainly enhances the aniseed flavour of a proven particle feed.

Hello Peter, thank you for your lovely review. We're so pleased to hear that you get good results with this product.

Paul Jackson

As described and very fast delivery well happy

Hello, thank you for the review.

Richard Goddard
Red Band

First time ordering from Haiths, ordered Red Band Pigeon conditioner and it arrived in a few days, with definitely be using Haiths from now on for all my Particals

Hello Richard, thank you for the feedback. It's great to hear that you are happy with our service.

Steve H.
red band� Review

"Been using Redband for years when tench fishing. In my opinion it is THE best loose feed to use. I pep mine up with some mollasses liquidised corn and whole corn. Easy to spoon or spod out and when margin fishing you can throw it out by hand. Ground down and then blended with any Nutrabaits base mixes makes fantastic boilies. I've found 30% Redband to 70% base mix about right, though it's worth experimenting."

Gary clark
Red Band

"Red band is a product with multiple uses I've used red band for nearly 40 years. In my opinion you can't beat getting it from the right source because the product your getting (is the product) haiths make."