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  • ROBIN GOLD® is a fishing bait that can be used in bait, groundbait, hookbaits, liquids, and can be labelled as a complementary feed for fish.
  • ROBIN GOLD® is available to either buy direct from Haith's or an approved Robin Red Bait Firm.
  • Robin Gold for Fishing offers a unique combination of ingredients  for the needs of anglers, ensuring a productive fishing experience.
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ROBIN GOLD® for fishing

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Haith's Robin Gold stands as a premier choice for anglers seeking a reliable and effective fishing bait blend. Crafted with precision and based on decades of expertise, Robin Gold offers a unique combination of ingredients that caters to the discerning needs of anglers, ensuring a productive and satisfying fishing experience.

One of the key benefits of Robin Gold lies in its versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of fishing scenarios. Whether targeting carp, roach, bream, or tench, this well-balanced mix is designed to attract a diverse array of fish species. The carefully selected ingredients, including high-quality seeds, cereals, and attractants, create an irresistible blend that appeals to the varied preferences of different fish, enhancing the angler's chances of a successful catch.

The inclusion of Haith's renowned Robin Red, a potent fish attractant, sets Robin Gold apart as a bait with proven fish-catching capabilities. Robin Red is known for its ability to stimulate feeding responses in fish, creating a powerful and effective attractant that entices even the most cautious specimens. This ingredient, combined with other high-quality components, ensures that Robin Gold delivers consistent results on the water.

Furthermore, the texture and consistency of Robin Gold contribute to its effectiveness. The mix is carefully formulated to disperse attractants gradually, creating a sustained feeding response from fish in the area. This slow-release feature allows anglers to maintain the interest of the fish over an extended period, increasing the likelihood of a successful and rewarding fishing session.

Robin Gold is also designed for ease of use, whether for beginners or seasoned anglers. The well-mixed and ready-to-use nature of this bait saves time on the bank, allowing anglers to focus on the intricacies of their fishing techniques rather than the preparation of their bait.

Haith's Robin Gold stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence in fishing bait. The carefully crafted blend of ingredients, coupled with the proven attraction power of Robin Red, makes this bait a reliable choice for anglers seeking versatility, effectiveness, and a heightened chance of angling success. Whether pursuing carp, roach, bream, or tench, Robin Gold is a go-to bait that elevates the angling experience to new heights. 

Complementary feed for fish Analytical constituents: Crude Protein: 7.1% - Crude Fibre: 6.6% - Crude Ash: 3.9% - Oil A (Either extract): 6.43% - Total Oil (Oil B): 7.15% - Starch: 1.3%, Moisture: 8.0%