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  • Robin Red HB is a superb hook bait (lure) fishing bait ingredient. Its unique smell and taste have tempted literally thousands of carp since the 1950s.
  • The smell and taste of Robin Red fishing bait are totally unique and it has incredible pulling power.
  • Hook baits made with genuine Robin Red.  Buy Robin Red HB direct from Haith's Baits or from an approved Robin Red Bait Firm.
  • Ken Townley's catch using Robin Red fishing bait.
  • Another great catch by Ken Townley using Robin Red fishing bait ingredients.
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ROBIN RED® (HB) - Hook bait (Lure) Mix

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Probably the most successful single carp attractor of all time.

Robin Red HB is a superb hook bait (lure) ingredient. Its unique smell and taste have tempted literally thousands of carp since the 1950s. What makes Robin Red so attractive to fish? This debate started in 1950 and hasn't concluded quite yet!


In case you weren't aware, HB stands for 'Hook Bait'. It is the original Robin Red as opposed to the new UK/EU, All Natural version, which, is intended to be used as a high attract base mix ingredient (see separate entry).

 I guess most of the bait buffs out there have known for some time that our original Robin Red contained a synthetic dye that was intended to colour the plumage of show birds such as canaries. Now that synthetic product is no longer permitted to be used in animal feeds so as a result we have had to find alternative food colouring that is 100% natural, hence the new Robin Red.

 You can trust us to get the attraction levels bang on and this new completely natural version of Robin Red, hit's the ground running. But I guess but you may be asking, why did we need to launch this new all-natural version? Put simply, it is because base mixes are now classed as 'animal feed' according to new Food Standards Association rules. In effect this means that any foodstuff intended to be fed to animals (and they class fish as a animal!) must comply with the stricture that only natural items can be used. Synthetics are banned completely. However, by limiting the original Robin Red's use to hookbaits only we are still able to offer this super-attract base mix additive to our loyal and knowledgeable clientele in its familiar guise as arguably the most popular ingredient ever!

 Robin Red has been around for several decades and it is rightly recognised as one of the most attractive base mix ingredients of all time. First recognised as such by carp anglers in Kent, through the writings of Fred Wilton and Ian Booker, it was then adopted by many of the small 'garage' bait firms that began to spring up in the late 60 and early 70s. Rod Hutchinson lauded its praises in his books, and in magazine articles, and Robin Red has not looked back since. Now widely available throughout the UK and in Europe, this ingredient is slightly different to its cousin, Robin Red UK/EU in that the colouring agent is different.

Robin Red® is a registered trademark of John E Haith Ltd (Haith’s). Look for the "approved" logo or check our list of "approved bait firms" before you buy a Robin Red bait.

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David Partridge
spot on service

Very happy with my order and will use again.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. it's very pleasing to hear.

A Happy Customer
Haiths products

"instant success, made a great bird food base mix using Haith's products, wont be going elsewhere - another happy customer"

Luke Kent
Robin Red

"Simply the best out there"

A Happy Customer
Robin Red

"Having made my own baits for over 20 years I have to say Robin Red is one of the best ingredients I have ever used. Anthony Wood"

Robin Red

"Original and still the Best on the market by far.."