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  • Neutral-coloured nesting pouch with square entrance, available from Haith's.
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Roosting Pouch

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As winter descends and temperatures plummet, providing a sanctuary for garden birds becomes increasingly crucial. The  Roosting Pouch emerges as a thoughtful solution, offering a haven for small birds seeking refuge from the cold. This innovative roosting pouch comes with a myriad of benefits, contributing to the well-being and survival of our feathered friends during the harsh winter months.

One of the primary advantages of the Roosting Pouch is its capacity to provide essential shelter. The pouch, constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials, offers a cozy and insulated space where garden birds can roost, huddle, and conserve precious energy during cold nights. This is particularly beneficial for small birds like wrens, tits, and robins, providing them with a vital respite from the chill and contributing to their overall survival.

The design of the roosting pouch is also mindful of the safety of garden birds. The snug, enclosed space helps protect birds from predators, offering a secure environment where they can rest undisturbed. This sense of security is crucial, especially during the vulnerable nighttime hours when birds are at greater risk from nocturnal hunters.

Furthermore, the Roosting Pouch is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any garden. Its discreet design allows it to seamlessly blend into the natural environment, providing both functionality and visual appeal. Bird enthusiasts can enjoy the sight of their feathered visitors seeking refuge in the pouch, adding an extra layer of joy to the winter birdwatching experience.

For garden bird populations, the roosting pouch plays a role in supporting their overall health and resilience. By offering a sheltered space during inclement weather, the pouch aids in conserving the energy of birds, helping them maintain optimal body conditions. This, in turn, contributes to the birds' ability to forage effectively and withstand the challenges of winter, promoting a healthier avian community.

The Roosting Pouch stands as a valuable addition to any garden, especially during the winter months. By providing essential shelter, safety, and aesthetic appeal, this innovative pouch becomes an essential tool for bird enthusiasts looking to create a nurturing environment for their garden birds and support their well-being during the harsh winter conditions.


The Roosting Pouch offers shelter for smaller birds.

The woven material gives warmth and shelter throughout the year.

  • H 24 cm
  • Hanging loop for easy fixing to tree
  • Attractive design
  • Height 24 cm
  • Material: Rice Straw