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  • Round Egg Drawers are white durable plastic and are suitable for feeding soft foods.
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Round Egg Drawers

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These feeders are ideal for feeding soft foods from.

Our selection of soft foods is carefully crafted to accommodate various bird species, including those with delicate appetites or smaller beaks. These foods are ideal for feeding Haith's Egg Biscuit Food and other super soft options, ensuring your birds receive the nourishment they need in a palatable form.

Feeding soft foods offers several benefits for both birds and bird enthusiasts. Firstly, the soft texture makes it easier for birds to consume, particularly those with smaller or weaker beaks. It's also beneficial for young birds who may still be developing their feeding skills. Soft foods can be a great source of essential nutrients, providing a balanced diet that supports optimal health and vitality.

In addition to their nutritional value, soft foods can promote bonding between birds and their feeder. It also allows you to monitor their bird's eating habits more closely, ensuring they're getting the necessary nourishment.

For your convenience, our soft foods are available both in our shop and on our website. Whether you prefer to browse in person or shop from the comfort of your home, you can easily access these nutritious options designed specifically for birds with small-width cage bars.

By offering soft foods tailored to the needs of your birds, you can enhance their overall well-being and enjoyment. Treat your birds to the delicious and nutritious soft foods available in our store and online, and watch them thrive with every bite.