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  • Heavy-duty steel caged peanut feeder that prevents squirrels from feeding with black cage and hanging loop
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Squirrel Resistant Cage Peanut Feeder

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Introducing the Squirrel Resistant Cage Peanut Feeder, a smart and practical solution to keep pesky squirrels at bay while offering a delightful feeding station for your garden birds. Crafted with functionality and simplicity in mind, this feeder ensures that your garden birds can enjoy their peanuts undisturbed.

The robust cage design acts as a protective barrier, preventing squirrels from accessing the peanuts and safeguarding the bird feed for its intended recipients. Made from durable materials, this feeder withstands the challenges of outdoor use, providing a long-lasting and reliable addition to your garden.

The cage construction allows small garden birds easy access to the peanuts, ensuring a safe and enjoyable feeding experience. The feeder's open design allows birds to perch comfortably, encouraging a variety of species to visit and feed happily.

Simple to hang in your garden, this feeder becomes a focal point for birdwatching enthusiasts. The sleek metal finish adds a touch of modernity to your outdoor space while offering a practical and effective solution to the common challenge of squirrels pilfering bird feed.

Maintaining the Squirrel Resistant Cage Peanut Feeder is hassle-free. The cage design makes it easy to refill, and the metal construction ensures durability and easy cleaning.

Choose the Squirrel Resistant Cage Peanut Feeder to enhance your bird feeding setup with a stylish and functional touch. With its protective design, durability, and ease of use, this feeder adds a delightful dimension to your garden, inviting birds while deterring squirrels. Hang it securely, and watch as your garden becomes a welcoming haven for birds, free from unwanted squirrel interference.

Height including cage: Approx 13 inches.