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UK Budgerigar Club (UKBC) Genesis Mix

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  • Panicum millet
  • Plain canary seed
  • Naked oats
  • Japanese millet
  • Sunflower heart chips
  • Yellow millet
  • Red millet
  • Safflower
  • Hemp seed
  • Linseed

Haith's supporting the UKBC by working together to create exclusive seed mixes and offer savings to the growing membership. If you'd like to get in touch with the budgie-keeping community, why not join the UKBC? 

The UKBC is on a mission...

To promote and grow the hobby of keeping, breeding, and exhibiting healthy budgerigars irrespective of type or variety, through establishing a 21st-century community of members that are keen to learn, support, and respect each other, and have fun in the process of putting budgies first.

An all-inclusive club from single pet Budgie owners to Exhibition Studs. A place to Learn, Grow, Educate & have Fun! 

 Visit  to find out more about the UKBC. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David glover
Fantastic seed

Really good quality seed got a 5kg sack to try it will be ordering a 20kg sack next time quick delivery as well

Hello David, thank you for your review of UK Budgerigar Club (UKBC) Genesis Mix. We look forward to your order.

Mrs ursula giles
Budgie love

My budgies love the food and are look really healthy

Thank you for sending us a picture of your beautiful budgie.

Susan Perks
Was really impressed.

I was actually really pleased with this seed mix, it does have some of the same ingredients as other Haith's mixes but I don't mind as my flock love it!. I have 9 indoor free flying Budgies and I only feed them Haith's seed and have done so for years. There was very little left of this mix, well, just the husks to be precise. My flock has eaten more the last few months so they're either very greedy or very happy with what's on the menu.!! I will be purchasing this again.
If anyone reads this and wants to follow me on Instagram you can find me at @the.girl.with.the.birds 😊

Hello Susan, thank you for the lovely review. It's great to hear that your birds are enjoying the Genesis Mix.

Sally Haworth
Super seed mix

Lovely mix of seeds and super clean also dust free. My birds all have a dish and eat all of the contents leaving nothing. Fed to flights and breeding cages. A quality seed mix. Ordering is easy my last order actually arrived the next day. Highly recommend Haiths

Hello Sally, thank you for your review. It's great to hear that you like our new UK Budgerigar Club (UKBC) Genesis Mix and for the recommendation.