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  • Vanodine V18 Iodine Complex Disinfectant is specially formulated to be safe for livestock, pets, cage and aviary, and wild birds.
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Vanodine V18 Disinfectant for Cage & Aviary Birds

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Specially formulated to be safe for livestock, pets, cage and aviary, and wild birds.

Vanodine V18 Iodine Complex Disinfectant has been proven to offer a more suitable and better value alternative to more risky products like household bleach, particularly within the aviary or birdroom. It is especially helpful for keeping wild bird feeders and the areas surrounding them free from harmful bacteria.


  • Kills avian flu, tuberculosis, egg drop pathogen - kill viruses, bacteria and fungus on contact.
  • Unlike bleach, Vanodine works on soiled surfaces.
  • Inexpensive elimination of Salmonella, Fowl Cholera and E.Coli.

As far as wild bird feeding is concerned, Autumn (specifically) is a time when bacteria and fungal spores proliferate through warm and damp conditions. It is wise to take extra precautions at this time particular - but of course, all-year-round-ensuring feeding utensils and the area around them are kept clean.

Please note: The manufacturers of Vanodine V18 do not advise using the product for keeping a pond clear. V18 affects surfactant will adversely affect the waterproofness of the feathers of ducks and the like. Iodine is toxic to aquatic species even at very low concentrations so fish, newts etc., will suffer if the pond is treated in this way.

Under the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012), Iodine is no longer supported for use as a disinfectant in drinking water. Evans Vanodine International PLC cannot, therefore, recommend V18 for this purpose.

Please use as directed on the bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Julian Clement
Vanodine V18

Good product always arrives promptly & in good condition. I have used this disinfectant for many years with good results & good value for money. It can stain if used at to strong a strength on white or clear plastics but not a real issue.

Hello Julian, thank you for the review and for the advice on using the product.

Jean Harwood
Good stuff!

I have used Vanodine for years and found it effective and safe as a cleaner and disinfectant

Thank you for posting such a beautiful photo of your Budgie. Such a lovely blue!

David Beynon
Vanodine V18

"This was reccomended by a friend, very pleased with this product, a first class disinfectant."

Michael Knight
Water Sanitizer

"Haiths is the cheapest for this .I use this for my racing pigeons as a water sanitizer , I add 1ml to 1 litre to there drinking water, been doing this for years and had no illness in the loft."