Bird feeders (UK) for garden wildlife

There are lots of bird feeders of different styles, designs and sizes on the market, so you may think to yourself which is the best one for my garden and what attracts birds to garden bird feeders?

The answer is, of course, a regular supply of high-quality food. But selecting the best bird feeder for the job is also important.

It's clear that more species are learning to take advantage of the bird feeders and food we hang up for them so all the more reason to try to create a garden which takes into account the requirements of wildlife as well as your own.
Whether you are choosing a small feeder or a large feeder, or just adding more feeders to a growing congregation of offerings, it is important to choose one that's safe, practical and hygienic; its cosmetic appeal should be secondary.
The bird feeders that will help to attract birds to feeders should have a generous capacity for fewer refills, seed ventilation to keep food fresher for longer and easy disassemble parts for cleaning.
Visibility is important so that the birds will notice the new feeder - therefore, position the feeder in a safe but noticeable location in the garden, ideally not too far from trees or bushes (so birds can make a short flight to safety if needed), but not too close either – predators like cats can use low shrubbery as cover before attacking. Here's an important but easily overlooked consideration: ensure you can see it as watching and feeding wildlife is enjoyable.

Now sit back and relax as it may take birds only a few minutes to begin using a new bird feeder, while others may take days or even weeks before they are comfortable with the new design. Some birds can be picky eaters, while others are much less choosy and less cautious about new bird feeders. Be patient, but by taking proper steps to make the feeder appealing to the birds you will soon be refilling it regularly.

If you have noticed that the birds have not used the new feeder after several days, then simply remove your other feeders for a few days - once they start to feed on the new feeders you can then place your other feeders back in place, but do keep your eye on the seed in the new feeders as if it has not been visited regularly it may become mouldy or stale and the birds will be less likely to be attracted to it. 

A well-planned bird garden offers a variety of species a place to eat, drink and even call home so please make space for nature in your garden.

A high-quality bird feeder will last longer and will be easier to clean. If you do have squirrels in your garden, consider a squirrel-resistant bird feeder as you’ll save money in the long run.

Here at Haith’s, we have a great range of bird feeders for you to purchase.  No matter what your budget, we have something for everyone including metal and plastic bird feeders. To view our most up-to-date range then click here

There are many different designs and colours of bird feeders available but often the basic original designs are the best.  We have a range of bird feeders and peanut feeders in our garden here at the bird food centre and the tubular seed feeders are visited daily by goldfinches, chaffinches, blue tits, great tits and greenfinches

Watching garden birds feed is a very pleasant pastime and can bring great joy and relaxation.  Especially during the spring months when parent birds bring their fledglings too. It’s rewarding to know that you have given a helping hand to the next generation.

Window bird feeders are also an amazing place to observe wild bird behaviour.

One of the many questions we receive at Haith’s is how to encourage birds to use a window feeder.  We suggest siting a bird table close to your house but screw your window feeder to a separate pole in the ground near to the table.  This should encourage birds to feed on them both.
Each week move the pole and window feeder a little closer to the house and within a few weeks you should be able to remove the feeder from the pole and attach it to your window, and the birds will continue to feed on it.
Window feeders for birds are ideal for just about any home but they’re perfect for urban homes and flats where garden space maybe minimal or none existent. In these cases, the birds will soon find the feeder – just be patient.

So, as you can see there really is a bird feeder for any wild place.  Whether it’s a large country garden, a suburban back yard or a bedsit, feeding wildlife is easy with the right food and equipment.

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Written by Angela



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