Iolo Williams: Stop, Look & Listen (Naturespace Podcast with Haith's)

Iolo Williams: Stop, Look & Listen (Naturespace Podcast with Haith's)

Iolo was born and raised in mid Wales & after working for the RSPB, in the late 1990s left the society to work full-time in the media. His tv series concentrated on the wildlife of Wales and the wider world & eventually led to several network series such as Nature’s Top 40 and Countryfile.

Iolo, naturalist, public speaker & author is now a well-known presenter of Springwatch, Autumnwatch & Winterwatch and has worked in conservation for over 30 years.

He is president of both the Welsh Ornithological Society and the Wildlife Trust Wales amongst others.

Iolo has joined us for our latest Naturespace with Haith’s podcast, and we invite you to listen and learn all about his exciting career, his adventures with nature, birdwatching, and his passion for conservation.

We discuss the best ways to feed bird food and which bird feeders to use & also how important water is to a wildlife garden.

We also talk about the benefits of nature and mental health, what nature means to him, what we can all do to help nature and what makes him smile when he’s out in the field.

Why not put your feet up with a cuppa and enjoy this entertaining addition to our podcast series which includes handpicked guests who love nature and the natural world as much as we do.

Written by Angela

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