Fine ground 'Reds' - part one

Fine ground 'Reds' - part one

Recently I was playing about with a sack of SuperRed and was trying to reduce the original fairly coarse product into a very fine mesh powder to use as a base mix.

This gave rise to the idea that maybe Haiths could do a much better job of producing a fine-ground product that I ever could. A phone call to the office resulted a few days later in the arrival of samples of all three Reds that had been ground down to a really fine powder of, I estimate, about 80-mesh. It was now time to start a few experiments.

First of all I wanted to see if the powdered product could be used straight from the bag to form boiled baits, so with the addition of some oil and a flavour and a few well beaten eggs, I found it was simplicity itself to make excellent boilies out of SuperRed.

SuperRed Carp fishing bait

Here you can see the finished boilies after 2 minutes in the boiling pan.

And here’s one cut open to show the crunchy, seed laden interior.

I then tried the same experiment using NaturalRed, again boiling for 2 minutes.

NaturalRed Carp fishing bait

Again the results turned out exactly as I had wished for, this time the center of the boilie being less coarse and more paste-like.

HoneyRed followed using the same process.

HoneyRed Carp fishing ingredients

And again the results were excellent with the soft-centered aspect being still more evident.

Finally I carried out the same procedure using fine ground MarineRed, and was once again able to form perfect boiled baits.

I then went a bit further by experimenting with an egg-based paste using MarineRed. First I mounted two SuperRed boilies on a simple stiff rig…

Then I made a small pancake of paste, flattening it in the palm of my hand…

Next I placed the double hookbaits in the center of the pancake of paste…

And then wrapped the paste around the two baits, encasing both the hookbaits and the hook in the soft paste. When cast out this little package of attraction will ooze all the attraction inherent in MarineRed into the lake, drawing in carp from far and wide.

Check out next month’s web article for more enticing uses of fine-ground ‘Reds’.

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Written by Ken Townley

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