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  • SuperRed is rich in aniseed oil "3 in 1" fishing bait ingredient with genuine Robin Red.    SuperRed is available to buy direct from Haith's or an Approved Robin Red Bait Firm
  • SuperRed was developed by an expert angler, Ken Townley to be used as a ground bait, paste bait or as a complete Make Your Own Boilie base mix.
  • Boilies made using SuperRed.
  • SuperRed includes Robin Red, crushed Hemp Seed, crushed Carpticle, Peanut Granules, crushed Tiger Nuts, Red Factor, blended with aniseed oil.
  • Paste bait using SuperRed.
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SuperRed™ for fishing

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Unique and rich in aniseed oil this "3 in 1" is a very subtle mix and it includes the incredible Robin Red. It also contains crushed Hemp Seed, crushed Carpticle, Peanut Granules, crushed Tiger Nuts and our special soft food Red Factor, blended with aniseed oil.

SuperRed was developed by Ken Townley to be used as a ground bait, paste bait or (when ground down to a fine powder) as a complete Make Your Own Boilie base mix. This is what Ken had to say when we asked him about this product, one that he considers to be his  'baby'.

" There are many things in my carp fishing life of which I am very proud, but I think developing SuperRed is my proudest moment as this is the best groundbait/Method Mix/boilie ingredient I have ever used. When I first began messing about with various Haith’s ingredients at the factory I wondered if I would ever get the balance right but eventually I managed to get the package 100% spot on. The result is SuperRed, in my opinion the most complex and effective carp- and tench-specific groundbait ever put together. Just look at what it contains: crushed Red Band, a multi faceted seed blend, crushed hempseed, crushed tiger nuts, peanut granules, teasel seed and aniseed oil. In addition it includes 10% Robin Red HB, and Red Factor to act as a binder. Can you find any other groundbait that matches that specification anywhere else in Europe, let alone in the UK?"

There is no limit to the number of uses to which SuperRed and its close relatives, NaturalRed, MarineRed and HoneyRed can be put. They were specifically formulated with this versatility in mind, hence the tag "Three-in-One".

A little trick that maybe has flown under the radar of many of you is the use of paste bait made using water rather than eggs. The four 'Supers' are tailor-made for just such an application, and there are a number of advantages to these:


  • No boiling so leaves ingredients and attraction intact and unaffected by heat. This is the prime advantage of this method.
  • Less labour intensive and less expensive.
  • No eggs needed, as these blends will bind using water rather than eggs, so they are less expensive.
  • Air-dried they harden like bullets after about four days or so. Caty- and stick-proof.
  • But will break down to a soft paste after a few hours on the lakebed18-24 hours in the water.
  • Once dried they can be used in much the same way as boiled baits but will break down quicker. You can even use one as a hookbait if you use a mesh of some kind. Stockings or tights are ideal for meshing your hook bait.

 Analytical constituents:
Oil A: 19.77%,
Crude Protein: 17.4%,
Crude Fibre: 11.3%,
Moisture: 8.3%,
Ash: 3.8%,
Total Oil: 20.75%,
Starch: 31.4%

This bait features the new Robin Red (UK/EU) natural. As a result of this improvement, you will notice a slight colouration change which will be a little less ‘blood red’ in colour and a more natural-looking ‘rust brown’ instead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
sean ridley

I've been using Super Red this summer. I don't go much these days due to work but I've not had a biteless trip since adopting this method.(I've lost a few). I fish a very shallow silty weedy syndicate water.
Everyone is using light leads and naked chods on flourocarbon as the lake is very clear also .
Ive been using the Super Red in large solid pva bags straight out the bag. I put a small amount in the bag then lower the brazil nut bottom bait into the bag on a tight line so the hair isn't tangled. pour in more Super Red to cover the hook. Drop in 4 brazil nuts that have been dried and coated in peanut oil so the pva doesn't melt. Top up the bag so its 3/4s full then drop in the 4oz flat inline lead.The bag flutteres to the lake bed as the Super Red in dry form is bouyant and i don't pierce the bag.
You are fishing with a very heavy lead that the carp never see and a great baiting situation using 2 baits that are rarely used.

Hello Sean, thank you for the review and for sharing your tips. Your baiting method sounds like it's working well for you. We would love to see a photo if you get the chance.

James Betts
First Impressions

"Ordered a small 500g bag with my last order to add to my usual birdfoods recipe, first impressions, looks great it's a very complex mix, spicy, sweet, haven't had the chance to roll any bait as yet, but you just know a mix like this is going to put fish on the bank, will definitely be ordering a big bag on my next order, great product"

Bob Johnson
Don`t Get Many Days Like This

"If you live near Grimsby . I fished a local still water on Sunday . (syndicate)Ground bait made up off vitalin and super red 50/50 a sprinkling off carpticales and 3 table spoons robin red boiled up left to stew for 12 hours hook bait robin red pellet 12mm all 3 types of carp caught in the margins total weight 161 lbs largest was 11 lbs including a crussion 2 lb and a 5 lb chub .Don`t get many days like thisUsed the robin red pellets on this complex for 3 years with great results .But will use the groundnut oil and robin red in the bag when the weather cools down.Thanks for the Advice"

A Happy Customer
customer service

"great service will use again"

raymond wyatt
super red

"great bait supply my team with this bait won the last two years"