Fine ground 'Reds' - part three

Fine ground 'Reds' - part three

Just to round off this look at the various applications available to us after creating a fine powder out of our top groundbait mixes (namely SuperRed, MarineRed, HoneyRed and NaturalRed), we’ll close by looking at using both eggs and water to bind the fine powder and some of the useful applications to which the products can be put.

Here we see two extra thick paste sausages made from find ground MarineRed mixed with beaten eggs.

MarineRed Carp fishing ingredients


Here we ses them again in close up. Note how well the sausages have bound together.

It is now necessary to boil the sausages for 4 minutes.

In this next photo we see the sausages’ after being allowed to cool. They are then cut in half and again into quarters to form strips.

The strips are now cut into shapes we call ‘chops’.

Here you can see the MarineRed chops in close up.

And here they are again in even more detail. Chops can be used in much the same way as boilie, either introduced to a marginal swim by hand, catapulted out to about 25m, or spodded out to long range.

In this next trick we shall be using water-based SuperRed groundbait as a Method mix, but first we need to create a rig that will work effectively with the Method feeder. The nearly finished rig comprises of two bits of plastic corn on a very short, coated braid hooklink with the last 1.5cm stripped back.

To complete the rig you need to attach it to a speed link.

You should now thread on your Method feeder, pulling your reel line through the center of the feeder and then tying it to the end of the speed link. The later is then pulled into the rubber bead at the front of the feeder.

Take a good handful of water-based SuperRed paste and flatten it in the palm of your hand ready to be molded around the feeder.

The Method feeder has now been loaded with SuperRed water-based paste, as you can see here. The hook is then lodged lightly in the outer skin of the SuperRed that has been molded around the Method feeder.

SuperRed Carp fishing bait

An alternative to using a Method feeder is this Paste Bomb, which is fished free-running pendant style.

And finally here we see the same rig fished in combination with the paste bomb.

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Written by Ken Townley

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