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  • Just perfect for mixing with other seeds or feeding on their own
  • A new addition to our range, a less expensive alternative to Haith's® Premium Quality Sunflower Hearts - these smaller "chips" provide good quality, energy-rich source of food for all garden wildlife.
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Sunflower Heart Chips

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Ideal for

Blackbird, Song Thrush, Robin, Wren, Dunnock, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Long-Tailed Tit, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Siskin, Starling, House Sparrow, Collared Dove, Great Spotted Woodpecker

 Seed feeder Bird Table


Bird food available in bulk weights up to 20 kg


All the goodness of Sunflower Hearts, but chipped into smaller pieces to appeal to even more garden birds. 

These more minor "chips" provide a high-quality, energy-rich food source and appeal to even more garden wildlife in this chipped format. 

Extra benefits:

  • No mess, 100% edible
  • Perfect for bird feeders
  • Ideal for bird tables
  • Tiny sunflower heart chips appeal to even more bird species
  • Can be fed straight from the bag or add them to one of your birds' favourite mixes
  • Chips are clean and free from dust
  • Won't germinate because they are chipped 

Please allow an additional 48 hours for delivery/collection after time of ordering for this product.

NB: This product may contain small traces of Black Sunflower outer husks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lisa Smith
No more seed showers at last!

Having relied on sunflower hearts over the last couple of years I decided to try the offer of chipped sunflowers. I am so happy to see a greater variety of ground feeding birds coming in to my garden for regular feeds but additionally I am also delighted by the increase in birds eating from my two 5 port feeders. Often, all ten of the ports are taken by goldfinches and whereas they used to send partial pieces of sunflower seed in showers to the ground (which the ground feeders would eat,) since swapping to the chips this seems to have stopped. Instead of having half empty feeders in two days due to the ‘showers’ of seeds cascading from the goldfinches’ beaks, now they eat the chips as a ‘mouth sized morsel’. They have the nutrition they need and I have the joy and the privilege of seeing their beauty as well as knowing I’m doing my bit to help the wonderful garden birds all continue to increase in numbers. Great idea from Haith’s in quality chipped sunflower seeds, great value especially with the current discounted price and one very happy customer. Thank you Haith’s.

Hello Lisa, thank you for leaving this wonderful review. It is fantastic to hear that our Sunflower Heart Chips are so popular in your garden and that they are bringing a spectacle of birds to your feeders! This is great to hear!

ann wilson
Sunflower hearts

Absolutely fantastic the birds love them no waste at all

Hello Ann, thank you for your review, that's great news

Paul Hunn
Great for the smaller birds

Sunflower heart chips are as described and perfect for all smaller birds for their size and quality they absolutely love them. I agree with other reviewers that they do not make much mess either so no waste. We have green finches, gold finches, robins, sparrows, starlings amongst many others all loving them.

Hello Paul, thank you for the review. What a wonderful variety of birds you have coming to your garden.

June McShane
Brilliant chips!

The birds love them and the flock of Gold Finches that come into the garden can’t get enough of them. They don’t make as much mess with them either. A good buy, would recommend them.

Hello June, it's great to hear that the Sunflower Heart Chips are going down well with your Goldfinches. An added bonus is that they are not making so much mess with them. thank you for the review

Michael Buckmaster
Sunflower Hearts Chips

I ordered one batch to see if the various birds eat them. I have just received my next order and that tells its own story. Additionally,they are cheaper than SFHearts which is important.

Hello Michael, thank you for the review and great money-saving tip as well.