Are sunflower seeds good for birds?

Are sunflower seeds good for birds?

Are sunflowers good for birds? The answer is emphatically yes.

They are packed full of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, making them the ideal bird food for garden birds.

There are many types of sunflower seeds out there and all are widely available. However, each type has advantages and disadvantages, and we will cover the main two in this blog, black sunflower and sunflower hearts.

Black Sunflowers are the most common and instantly recognizable of sunflower seeds. They have a very high content of oil and this provides more calories per seed. Their shells are thinner making them a successful food for finches and tits. Haith's premium quality Black Sunflower seeds are grown as close to home as possible, sometimes as close as France.

The downside to feeding sunflowers with a shell is the mess they leave behind. Birds will not eat the shell and the shells will be left behind on the ground below the feeder, if you don’t mind the constant clearing away you could invest in a tray to attach to the bottom of your feeders.

But there is an answer.

Sunflower Hearts are by far a firm favourite with most garden birds and being 100% edible, they are popular with humans too, as waste should be at a minimum.

Hearts appeal to so many garden birds – no wonder they have overtaken peanuts as the number one garden bird food of choice. They are worshipped by Goldfinches who, in some gardens, in parts of the UK, prefer them to Niger Seed - perhaps because they're bursting with high-energy and nutrition.

It is all about testing sunflowers and seeing what works in your garden – but sunflowers will appeal to finches, tits, sparrows and nuthatches so our advice is to give them a try!

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