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  • Haith's Lovebirds require a staple bird diet based on plain canary seeds, millets and small quantities of sunflower and hempseed.
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Lovebird Mixture

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Created by experts in the breeding and care of Lovebirds.

This well-proven mixture, adored by most Lovebirds, makes for an excellent basic seed diet. (Of course, Lovebirds also benefit from a regular supply of fresh green food and fruit, too). Keep Cuttlefish bone in the cage to provide calcium for the bird. It's also a good idea to make Millet sprays available as treats to fight boredom.

Please note: Bird seed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anne McDonald
Lovebird seed

Seed is of a really good quality, very clean with no dust.
The only problem I had was that the brown bag was split open somehow during transport and the seed was everywhere!

Hello Anne, thank you for your review. We do super clean all our bird mixes. If you need any help with the damaged bag and lost a lot of seed please telephone us.

Keith Rooney
Lovebird mix

Best lovebird seed I’ve used

Thank you for your glowing review, we are so pleased you have found a mix you are happy with.

Fiona K

This is the best seed fir my little parrotlet as it doesn't have loads of sunflower seeds through it like the cocktail mix does.

Thank you for taking the time to write us a review and for the recommendation.

Paula Compitus
Great Food And Service

"Arrived quickly and my Lovebirds really like this mix. less waste than the non breed specific mix I was buying. Worth the bit extra cost."

Lee Pirie
Superb mix for lovebirds

"As has been said above, lovely clean mix and unlike many products on the market, haiths lovebird mix contains only a healthy amount of sunflower seed (not too much). I've been ordering this mix for my aviary lovebirds now for the past 2-6 months and would recommend it to anyone who keeps/ breeds lovebirds."