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Bird seed is much the same as bird food you may think. However, bird food can not only mean bird seed mixes but hand-crafted soft foods for garden birds. So, what exactly is a hand-crafted soft bird food.

Soft bird food is something that we are very proud of here at Haith’s.  We have been blending our unique, freshly made soft bird foods since the 1930’s.

Many years of experience have enabled us to make these beautiful soft foods which are loved by songbirds. Many are glossed in natural oils, fruits, insects, mealworms, or berries and some even contain Bakers’ Honey. What more could you ask for to feed to your local ground feeders like blackbirds and wrens?

Let’s start with Fat Robin Soft Food. This is one of our most popular and unique soft foods which also contains vegetable oils and raisins. Specially formulated for one of the UK’s favourite birds, it is equally loved by dunnocks, chaffinches, starlings, and blackbirds. Containing key ingredients like Sunflower Hearts and Berry Suet Pellets – it really is the number one soft bird food for robins.

A tasty treat for ground feeders is also Songster Food. We have been selling this mix for decades and it can be fed straight from the bag or moistened slightly with water before feeding to make it crumbly moist. This mix was designed for ground feeding garden birds as they where often overlooked when it came to bird feeding. We didn’t like the thought of them going hungry.

Mealworm Crumble is a no-mess-no husk soft bird food and has been hand-crafted together with dried mealworms to offer a very high protein seed-based diet.  Mealworms, whether dried or live, are packed with protein and are adored by many garden birds. They are a delicacy and when combined with other soft bird food ingredients provide a nutritional alternative to traditional bird seed mixes. This mix is also good for customers that are a little squeamish and don’t wish to handle live mealworms.

A few years ago, our design and blending team wanted to create a soft bird food that had a real ‘wow’ factor.  The result was Golden Chorus. This fabulous mix is full of wholesome goodness and really does look good enough for the breakfast table – the garden bird table that is!

Soft bill Food for songbirds is another mix that has been around for decades. This unique mix has been made at Haith’s since the 1950’s and still contains the same natural minerals and vitamins today. As with all our products we recommend this is stored in a cool dry place. It’s the equivalent of soft and natural baby food- making it the ideal food for parents and youngsters.

We don’t like to think of any garden bird begging for food so that’s why we created Beggars Banquet. This mix can be fed from the ground, a bird table or soft food feeder. A very versatile mix that has proved very popular with customers and birds alike.

We worked closely with zoo nutrition professionals via an avian bird diet scholarship and uncovered ways to further improve our supreme bird diet, Prosecto Insectivorous and we’re pleased to announce it’s now available online to people who feed garden birds. Prosecto Insectivorous is a unique soft food which contains oils, fats, cereals, fruits, yeast and molluscs and crustaceans. It really is worth trying as a unique soft bird food for your garden birds.

Hand-crafted soft bird foods are different from our collection of mixes. They are made of ingredients not usually or commonly found in regular seed mixes. Whilst each recipe is different, they all contain only the finest, super clean ingredients and are 100% edible as all the seeds have their husks removed. As we are now into the breeding season soft foods start to play a greater role in supplementary garden bird feeding as fledglings can easily feed from soft foods and they benefit even more because the soft food diets contain higher moisture levels than a traditional seed diet.

We always recommend feeding soft bird food alongside regular seed for that maximum bird feeding experience - your garden birds will benefit from the choice available.

Written by Angela

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