Haith's Greener by the Day: September Edition Updates

Haith's Greener by the Day: September Edition Updates

Hello everyone!

Here at Haith's, we send out a monthly newsletter to our staff on the last Friday of the month. This is to highlight projects and successes within the business.

We thought it might be nice to share some highlights, each month, with our community. We hope you enjoy.


Exciting news! Our new brochure has been created. We love the choices of pictures and text and we hope that our customers will love it too.


Haith’s and Robin Red Trade

A huge congratulations to Simon, Andrea, Ed, Gemma, Charlotte and Harry for working so hard creating our new website, ‘Haith’s and Robin Red Trade’.

Small Pond Volunteers

We need help to prepare the small pond for planting, including the removal of the outer plastic sheet and general tidying. Some of the work will take place in working hours and some out of hour work might be needed. This is open to employees and the local community.

If you are interested, please email enquiries@haiths.com

School Resources 

Currently, members of the team are helping to make nature activity sheets for Kidgate School in Louth to use in the Autumn term. We are focussing on the early years, however we are also creating some materials for older children too.

School Resources

Stewton Stars

Jess, owner of ‘Stewton Stars Hideaway’ (a luxury glamping site) got in touch to ask about collaborating on some children’s activities. The team here have been busy creating three special edition pieces for her to place in the folders in her glamping rooms. She will also be sharing images on her social media.

James (the Canoe River Cleaner) is also using our resources with his children’s groups.

Stewton Stars

Bug Hotel

You can now see our completed bug hotel, located behind the small pond. This has been a big project and we have learnt many new DIY skills that we can take with us through life. Let’s hope the bugs enjoy their new residency!

Save Our Wild Isles Screening

We will be screening all four episodes of 'Save Our Wild Isles' (The Business of Nature, Hungry for Change, Catch-22 and Banking on a Wilder Tomorrow) for staff to learn about why the nature crisis is bad for businesses and how as a business, we can become interconnected with nature.

Lincs FM

Some of the team made it on Lincs FM! With the help of Joseph Begley, we got the chance to promote Haith’s on the radio by playing a game of Hide and Seek.

As you can see, we have been pretty busy this last month.

A huge well done to the team!

Until next month,

Julianne, Charlotte & Ed

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