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  • Crushed Hemp Seed is the perfect addition to a ground fishing bait mix or method mix.  It can be used straight from the bag with no further preparation required.
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Crushed Hemp Seed for fishing

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Bring instant attraction to your swim with our freshly crushed hemp seed.

We all know how much carp, tench, chub and barbel love hemp seed and by crushing the whole seed her at the factory we have created one of the very best groundbait additives. We include it as a matter of course in several of our own groundbait mixes, including in the award winning SuperRed.

Crushed hemp seed is the ideal ingredient to use when the speed of preparation is important, as it can be used straight from the bag with no further preparation required. The process allows the natural oil and attraction to pour out, and carp will make a beeline for your swim. It is also the perfect addition to your preferred groundbait mix or method mix. As with the standard seed, crushed hemp releases its highly attractive natural oil into the water drawing fish to the bait as they respond to its stimulating smell.

Due to the complexities or the seed itself, in its crushed form much of the end product is rendered semi-buoyant or neutrally buoyant. This means that as the groundbait ball breaks down the crushed hemp seed will be released and will float in mid water or even rise slowly to the surface. However, these bits will soon take on water and will in turn start to sink back to the lakebed. How tempting is that!

Customer Reviews

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Tony Foulkes
Works well

Pre soaked to make a thick soup. I use it in the margins for carp with 4mm pellet. Iv'e not used anything else since. Great attracter

Hello Tony, thank you for the great feedback.

Nobby Clarke
Crushed Hemp

"I�m about to order again my crushed hemp , as a roach angler I use this product in my roach groundbait, even though you can use it straight from the bag ,I like to soak overnight ,drain ,keeping the water for mixing my groundbait , the crushed hemp tends to soften and mixes so well with my groundbait ,the water now being a lovely creamy colour , as all my seed baits they come from one outlet Haiths ."