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  • Polished metal top quality fat ball/ suet ball feeder suitable for five small suet balls
  • Tubular fat ball feeder holds up to five small fat balls with a removable base for easy cleaning.
  • Durable fat ball feeder holding five small fat balls with a hanging metal loop
  • Bird on metal de luxe fat ball feeder filled with five small fat balls.
  • Height: 300mm
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Deluxe Fat Ball Holder

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Feeding fat balls to wild birds is entertaining to watch and engaging. This one is tough and easy to clean - squirrels won't break this feeder. 

Made from polished stainless steel complete with a perforated tube with metal top and bottom. Holds up to 5 small fat balls (not included).

Easy to clean with removable base.

Height: 300mm.

Diameter: 7cm

Please note: This feeder is no longer compatible with the metal feeder tray