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  • Niger Seed is a fine, free-flowing oil-rich seed that needs to be fed from a special Niger feeder
  • Goldfinches will love Niger Seed
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Niger Seed

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Long-Tailed Tit, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Siskin

 Niger Seed

Our SuperClean Niger Seed is a thing of beauty to Goldfinches and Siskins.  

We've been supplying Niger Seed since the 1930s when its unique tonic properties were well renowned within the bird-keeping world and were one of the first companies to pioneer feeding Niger Seed to wild birds. It's a fine, free-flowing oil-rich seed that needs to be fed from a special Niger feeder. We have a range of feeders at our Bird Food Centre in Lincolnshire and we often feed over 100 Goldfinches per day, it's quite a sight - flashes of gold and red swooping in daily to feed on this tiny, oil-rich seed.

Goldfinches are now found in almost five times as many gardens as they were sixteen years ago (BTO Research 2012) which means there's a good chance of you seeing one of them in your garden (if you haven't already) if you put out the right bird food. To say they're in around 33% of UK gardens (RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, 2012 Results) they're ranked seventh in average bird count per garden, which is easily explained as they are gregarious and feed happily together and often in large numbers - a "charm".

Customer Reviews

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Bridget Diggens
Niger seeds

Watching no less than 10 goldfinches on the Niger seeds - so they must be good

Hello Bridget, thank you for the review. We would love to see a picture if you get the chance.

Ray Jack

The goldfinches have to get in quick before the sparrows eat them all, they either tap the metal holder to get them out or eat them off the cage floor

Thank you for the review, Ray. The Niger seeds sound very popular in your garden.

John Wilson

peanuts are always a favourite with most of the birds visiting our garden especially the parakeets a feeder full per day is about normal. The nigger seed was purchased because the finish we used to see see to have gone away and the nigger seed used to be their favourite unfortunately they have not returned I hope this is not a declining population problem, the seed looks to be the usual high standard.

Hello John, thank you for the review. You are not the first person that has said this, We will have to wait for the next bird count to see how the finches are faring. It sounds as if you have plenty of other visitors to your garden to eat your peanuts!

Carole Thomas

"Excellent quality and the Goldfinches love it!"

A Happy Customer
Niger seed

"It does attract gold finches by the score and also siskins it took a while for word to get around but when they know ,they are at the feeders all day. But they are very wasteful the lawn beneath the feeders is black with seed "