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Bird foods that Robins like

We all love to see a Robin Red Breast in our gardens. Whatever life's challenges, how do you feel when you catch a glimpse of a Robin bobbing along in the garden looking for food? It's hard not to smile isn't it? This cheery bird always seems to be on the lookout for something to eat, and it does love to sing whilst the food search is on.  



Although Robins are very territorial (they will defend their space to the death!), they can be extremely friendly to garden birders. We've seen many photos of our customers feeding Robins by hand. The Robin is small but fearless if there's the slightest chance of absconding with a juicy mealworm or newly discovered fat worm from a freshly dug garden border. That's why you'll see pictures of the Robin posing on the handle of a garden fork patiently waiting for a worm to show itself.  

The lifespan for the Robin is on average two years, but of course, there are exceptions to every rule and they can live for a lot longer, particularly if they have a healthy supply of the right bird food. 


Robins eat a varied range of food - this can be the kind of food that the Robin can forage for themselves in the wild or supplementary food that we put out for them in our gardens.


Their favourite food is unquestionably insects, worms and beetles. This is why Robins are the gardeners' best friends when turning soil and digging in your garden. 


Robins seem to very much like suet pellets, suet feast blocks, Sunflower Hearts and Softfoods (such as Prosecto Insectivorous), Fat Robin (of course!), peanut granules, and no list would be complete for Robins if it didn't contain live Mealworms or Dried Mealworms 



Like all wild birds, Robins need a regular supply of fresh water as they can dehydrate if they don’t have access.  

If you supply some of the food recommended above, you may be fortunate enough to have the contentment of a friendly Robin for many years to come. 



Written by Chris



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