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Every Budgie breeder will have their unique way of navigating the breeding season and some may argue that they have the process sewn up; however, for many others – the demands can seem mind boggling and lonely from start to finish.

The experts who know how to get the best from our seeds and foods need no guidance from Haith’s; they cleverly pick ‘n’ mix high-quality staple diets like BRAVO! Budgie Seed – Budgie Breeders and the more recent Tip Top Budgie Seed, and there are always clean, fresh millet sprays to hand in their aviaries - suspended from the cage or aviary roof to promote natural enrichment, especially for young birds, who will actively forage and strip sprays bare.

The experts find a seamless way of introducing supplementary vitamins and minerals in the shape of Budgie Tonic Seed and Rearing and Conditioning softfoods. However, what about those who are novice breeders or those who sit somewhere in-between? How do they know what foods to feed and what to expect at certain times of the year? They can start by using our Budgie breeding calendar

Our calendar isn’t designed to replace the need to speak with fellow bird keepers; it’s there as a guide – to help navigate a safe passage through the choppy and sometimes unpredictable nature of breeding birds. Nothing can replace experience; however, finding one’s way through the dark corridors of breeding can be a lonely proposition and we’re here to say that you don’t have to face it alone – we’re here for you as we have been for all those who have gone before, since 1937.

Please use our Budgie Breeding Calendar and – if you’re an expert reading this – feel free to share information via enquiries@haiths.com and we’ll update the calendar with your insights to support your fellow enthusiasts.

Budgie breeding calendar
Our (Haith's) part in this breeding cycle is simple: it’s to focus on delivering clean, safe and nutritional bird diets and to serve birds through aviculture.

You see we’re different from just about every other bird seed company as we’re in a unique position to share seed data and research that spans from garden bird feeding to providing complex bird diets for zoos and universities throughout the UK.

We don’t breed birds at Haith’s, but we’re at the cutting edge of animal breeding, care and welfare and that’s why we were awarded a bronze award from BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums) earlier this year for services to Animal Breeding, Care & Welfare

Our goal is simple: to have the cleanest bird food in the world. Why is that important? Because dust is harmful to a bird’s respiratory system and extraneous husk can damage delicate tissues and allow entry of pathogens. 

We’re experts in the field – we’re the bird food specialist – our research into bird seed goes far beyond other bird food companies’ research; for example, we’re currently engaged in first research of its kind to analyse the nutritional data of seeds to understand if their goodness is affected by weather, by country/origin and even storage conditions. This information will ultimately help bird-keepers to manage their birds’ diets better.

The two main places to bookmark this breeding season are our Budgie Breeding Calendar and our bird-breeding department of seeds, softfoods and eggfoods.

Written by Haith's

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