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  • Tip Top Budgie Seed contains Haith's Budgie Tonic Seed.  It was designed for new budgie owners taking the guesswork out of choosing a good, healthy seed diet.
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Tip Top Budgie Seed

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For new budgie owners looking to take the guesswork out of choosing a good, healthy seed diet, Tip Top includes Haith's famous Budgie Tonic Seed. 

Here’s a tip from the top for new budgie owners: experienced bird-keepers know that budgies are healthier when they’re fed a good feed mix.

But what exactly are the constituents of a good feed mix for budgies? That’s a simple question for an experienced budgie owner to answer, and one that leaves new budgie owners scratching their heads. Wouldn’t it be nice if new keepers could access a few tips from the top on what to feed?

Well, now they can…

Tip Top Budgie Seed has been formulated with the help of experienced budgie owners – it’s specifically for new budgie owners, to help take the guesswork out of choosing a good, healthy seed diet.

The tip from the top is that new budgie owners can provide a high-quality bird seed diet that’s simple, effective and great value for money. The tip from the top for new budgie owners is, to choose Tip Top Budgie Seed.

Please note: Bird seed recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable seed replacement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Tracy Cole
Super seed

Birds love it, & they are more energetic. Very clean seed & is nice & fresh. Easy to order & quick delivery.

Nina Willis
Happy Budgies

"Food is clean and the birds love it. They are very healthy and energetic and their diet helps with that. The seed mix is part of the diet."

Betty Slater
Tip Top Budgie Seed

"Bought it first time few weeks ago and the birds go mad for it, quick delivery, very pleased."

Skittles Loves It

"I was previously feeding my budgie trill, having leant it wasn't exactly the best I sought advice for a better food. Many people advised haith's. I rang them, recieved good advice as to which mixes were best for my budgie. I went with tip top mix as it also includes their tonic mix. My budgie, Skittles, loves it. No longer does she pick out her fave bits and leave the rest, she happily eats all of this. And I have the added peace of mind of knowing it's better for her. The delivery was quick too, I'll be sticking to tip top mix from now on."

tip top budgie seed Review

"I purchased this seed for my two baby budgies-the best thing I did. One of my birds was a bit quiet-I introduced the seed and I now have two very healthy, noisy little birds. I will certainly buy more."