Boiled Baits and Glycerin - Part 1

Boiled Baits and Glycerin - Part 1

Did you know that you can extend the shelf life of your boiled bait by simply giving the boilies a light coating of Glycerin?

This can be bought at most chemists and costs around £1.50 for 200ml.

A light dressing will preserve the life of fresh bait by upwards of three months
A light dressing will preserve the life of fresh bait by upwards of three months, and there is no need to drench the baits in the stuff.

These are home made Robin Red & Fishmeal chops purposely flavoured very strongly to be used solely as hookbaits.

First I air dried the baits for 48 hours, the put them in a bowl with about 25ml of Glycerin. The bowl was then given a good swirl round so as to coat the baits in Glycerin.

This was allowed to soak into the baits until they felt firm and dry to the touch.

Finally the hookbaits were placed in a pot with a screw lid, which was then labelled to identify the contents and the date made. As you can see, even coming on for two months after being stored the baits show no sign of mould and are still as good as new.


Ken Townley - Haith's Baits Consultant.

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Thank you so much for your e mails and advice sadly not a big user of your products as struggle health wise but I would recommend all your products to everyone to add to there fishing the written advice is first class , and going back to early carp worlds i alway through Mr Townley was a real doctor , as he used to say trust me I am a doctor

Martin Henchcliff

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