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  •  Haith's Prosecto for fishing is a soft, dark brown fishing bait ingredient which will help you create a unique carp bait.
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Prosecto™ for fishing

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Prosecto for fishing will help you create a unique carp bait with super attraction qualities. It's unlike anything else on the market.

Prosecto is a soft, dark brown fishing bait ingredient made to add a unique attraction to any fishing bait.

Like PTX™, it also relies heavily on molasses, fishmeal and honey for its attraction, but it is not as sweet tasting as PTX. It has a very powerful smell that carp seem to be able to detect at distance. You can't get much more natural than this and - as natural baits are becoming more and more popular, why not get on Prosecto now? (Before your mates catch on to what you are doing that makes you so successful!).

Nutritional Information

Protein: 23.10
Fibre: 6.70
Ash: 10.20
Moisture: 15.10
Oil/Fat: 6.40

Please note: Prosecto for fishing does not include insects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Haddon
haiths seed

excellent as usual very pleased.

Hello David, we're glad that you are pleased with our products. Happy fishing!

Anthony Rogers
Prosecto Insectivorous

"Makes a very good stickmix"

James Betts
Great Smelling Ingredient

"Awesome product, always goes into my birdfood mixes along with red factor and clo, sweet smelling, high in protein and low in oil, great addition to a quality home rolled boilie, and has caught me some great fish, including barbel to over 15lbs"