A takeaway treat for garden birds

A takeaway treat for garden birds

A trip to the seaside is not a trip to the seaside without fish and chips with an ice-cream or two thrown in. 

But we are here to prove that it is not just humans that enjoy a takeaway every now and then.  Nuggets and chips sound like they’ve come straight from a seafront restaurant and don’t they sound good? 

There is simply no reason why your garden birds cannot enjoy a tasty treat that is fit for the summer months and beyond with our products - suet nuggets and sunflower heart chips. 

Suet nuggets are packed with, yes, you have guessed it, suet.  They are soft and easy to eat making them ideal for small and young birds. You can easily feed them loose on your bird table, just scattered on the ground or from a suitable feeder. 

Chips – the sunflower heart variety - are a high-energy, good quality way of feeding your garden wildlife. A less expensive alternative to straight sunflower hearts, they are still a rich source of food for all types of garden birds like finches, blackbirds, robins and doves. 

Totally versatile they can also be fed in a variety of different ways such as a bird table or feeder.  They can also be mixed with other items like peanut granules and oatmeal to make that unique mix. 

Our advice – give your garden birds that tasty treat in the form of nuggets and chips – not battered or fried just healthy and straight out of the bag.

Written by Angela

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