Bird Feeding Tips for Beginners

Bird feeders are an easy way to attract birds to your garden. However, not everyone knows what type of feeder to buy. Read on to learn more about bird feeders! 

If you’re feeding seed mixes or sunflower hearts, then you really need a seed feeder.  These are usually tubular in design and come in a range of different lengths and sizes.  Feeding ports can be as little as two ports or as large as eight or more. Plastic or metal versions are always available so it would depend very much on your budget. 

Peanuts remain one of the cleanest and easiest ways to attract and feed garden birds. And if you’re feeding peanuts, you should feed them from a good quality peanut feeder to stop birds from taking large chunks of peanut which could be potentially harmful. Peanuts are packed with protein and will help to attract tits, finches, nuthatches, and woodpeckers. 

Peanut feeders are usually of mesh design and come in different lengths. Please avoid plastic mesh bags to feed peanuts in as birds’ legs can become tangled up in them. When purchasing your supply of peanuts, it’s very important to buy good quality stock. Aflatoxin is a toxic compound which occurs in many types of mould and can prove fatal for birds. Please ensure any peanuts fed to garden birds are free from mould. To view our current range of peanut feeders, click here

Window bird feeders are great for two main reasons, the most important being that they may prevent bird strikes. Not the industrial action kind - no, the most serious ones where birds fly into windowpanes. One may think that window bird feeders create more chance of bird strikes, but the opposite is true. Birds see the feeder, they realise that it's stuck to something - even if they can't see it - they approach with caution as there seems to be something...yes, bird food, in it. Once they've overcome their cautious approach, other birds will see them feeding on the window bird feeders and the rinse and repeat cycle commences. They are great to view wildlife close up, making them ideal for those that are housebound. 

Suet products come in many different sizes and shapes and often hang up on their own such as coco fat feeders or suet logs however the ever-popular suet balls usually need their own feeder. Green Wire Fat Ball Holders are wonderful value for money but the sturdier type like the Heavy-Duty Flick n Click Fat Ball Feeder is a great alternative. 

Bird feeders are a great way to add some beauty to your garden while providing food for local wildlife. Filling a bird feeder with fresh, healthy bird seed is a kind act, and nature will reward your kindness by sending a wide variety of birds to feed regularly from your bird feeding stations. 

Written by Angela

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