Fun at the Seaside!

Fun at the Seaside!

The seaside is a place children love to visit, and Cleethorpes is our nearest seaside resort, one filled with many happy memories. The sandy beach goes on for miles and miles and it is located on the east coast of England on the Humber estuary which is an important location for wetland birds. It is close to a host of activities and amenities, including donkey rides, a boating lake, a paddling pool, award-winning gardens located on the promenade and of course, our famous fish & chips!


Summer is one of the busiest times of the year and many families have days out at the seaside to keep children occupied, giving them hours of endless fun and plenty of fresh air. Whilst at the beach, families get the chance to discover new things about nature like learning the different sounds of the sea, the feeling of sand between toes and seeing creatures only found at the beach.

Seagulls are also associated with the seaside; these fascinating birds are generally white or grey with black wings. They are intelligent birds with a very distinctive call. They also have an ability to hover in the air while searching for food and are well known for their scavenging and aggressive behaviour and will take advantage of whatever food they can find - fish, insects, and even garbage. They are also one of the few species of seabirds that can survive drinking salt water, enabling them to venture far out to sea!


Often, Britain’s seashores are littered with shells that have been washed up by the tide, and you may be surprised what you can find – a pointy top shell, a colourful periwinkle, or a spired whelk. Many people love to collect shells as it allows them to connect with nature, giving them a sense of awe and wonder as they appreciate the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.


So next time you’re taking a walk along the shoreline, why not look out for all the different and wonderful things nature has to offer?

 By Tina Jakes

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