Songs of Spring

Songs of Spring

Spring is a time of awakening. As flowers bloom and wildlife emerges, we are welcomed by warmer, sunnier days and melodic bird song. It is a wonderful time of year as we wave goodbye to the darker nights and bitter spells of winter.

Look out for blooming wildflowers on road verges and wild areas across the country. Bluebells will be making a vivid display; clusters of cowslip will add a buttery yellow shine to our land and delicate primroses will be sprouting. These beautiful plants paired with an orchestra of bird song creates nothing less than a meditative haven when you’re out and about.

Bluebell Wood

Spending time outside is proven to improve both physical and mental health. It is important to dedicate a part of our day to being present as this can reduce anxiety and allows us to live in the moment.

Why not try this next time you step outside? Tune into your senses – observe what you can see, smell, taste, hear and touch. You may be able to hear the tiny chirps of new born chicks or see the grass waver as wind blows through it.

Touch Grass

If you have a garden, you can encourage a symphony of bird song by simply leaving out a buffet of your bird’s favourite treats. Blackbirds, with their sweet song can be encouraged into your garden by some of Haith’s popular mixes: Songster Bird Food™ and Softbill Food™ for Songbirds. These products also attract other singing birds including song thrushes, robins and starlings to name a few. If you’d like to attract sparrows to your garden, Sunflower Hearts are always a popular choice.

Robin singing

With the mixes, you can place these directly on the floor or scatter them on a bird table. For sunflower hearts, you could consider getting a new feeder to add to your collection. We have a variety to look through on our website: Bird Feeders

If you’d like to support fledgings, we have a product that supports their growth. Fledge™ Bird Food - Optimal foraging is a high energy, clean product that will help your fledglings develop on an upwards tangent! The feed has small peanut granules glossed in natural aniseed which is suitable for little beaks.

Blue Tit

With this platter on offer, I’m sure these song birds will be flocking to your garden!

Take a moment to be present today and enjoy the bird song.

Written by Julianne Jessett

Staff Photo

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