Why Chris Packham's a Haith's huskfree wild bird food man

Why Chris Packham's a huskfree wild bird food man

Chris Packham - naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author sings the merits of feeding [Haith’s®] Huskfree Advance™ and Softfood™ as 100% edible, clean and nutritious wild bird food and Softfood™ as 100% edible, clean and nutritious wild bird food.


“I have a rather perverse liking for the fact that as I sit watching the birds on my feeders they are so picky about what they eat! A Great Tit has just pulled out and dropped five 'things' before choosing something that it liked and flew off with. My Greenfinches are worse! They sit there en masse throwing loads onto the ground below. But this is good, because there my Robins, Chaffinches and Blackbirds hoover it all up. Nothing remains . . . because the food is huskfree. In simple terms it’s all food, all edible, there is literally something for everyone and nothing remains.

“Huskfree Advance is a win-win and worth every penny”

There is none of that sticky mulch which builds up into a slippery patio staining health hazard, which need to be constantly scrubbed away or worse, pressure washed off the decking or tiles. Even on the lawn it kills all the grass around the base of the feeder.

So that’s one reason why I'm a husk-free man, the other is that it’s better for the birds too. It’s cleaner and it means they get their food faster, there is no irritating ‘packaging’ for them to remove, something which takes time and energy, two things they cannot afford to waste in the winter.

So [Haith’s] Huskfree Advance is a win-win and worth every penny.”


“C'mon who can resist something called 'Fat Robin Mix’? And full of nutrititional goodies this suet filled mix is also rich in oils a perfect combination for your favourite red-breasted friends. Not that they'll have it all to themselves though, Blackbirds and Dunnocks will take their share if you offer it on the ground.

'Mealworm Crumble' is just as appealing but here the emphasis is on protein so it will supplement the insectivorous parts of a range of species diets , Robins for sure but Starlings too will soon be squabbling over this mix . And of course given their sad and serious decline they should have plenty to feast on!

'Golden Chorus' is a no mess mix which is for the fruitier birds in your life! It’s full of Juniper and Rowan berries and smells so good that you might be tempted yourself!

All these and other [Haith’s] soft food mixes can be scattered on the ground, spooned onto the bird table or dispensed in a special softfood feeder. By doing a bit of each you can make it easier for all of your customers to enjoy the finest cuisine.”

Written by Chris Packham

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