How to choose the best bird food for your garden birds

Wild Bird Food

"There are too many wild bird foods on the market, how do I know which one to choose? Help!"

This is a question I am often asked when I am on my travels. People are shocked when I agree with them and confirm that there are too many wild bird foods on the market.

“Oh,” is the reply I generally receive in return.

“But…” I say, after a brief pause “…there aren’t enough clean wild bird foods on the market, and that should help you choose the right one.”

Wild bird food that hasn’t been cleaned harbours more dust, debris and extraneous husk than a cleaned bird diet. This dust is harmful to birds and can damage a bird’s respiratory system. A wild bird food that’s dusty will have more bacteria and fungi than a diet that’s been cleaned correctly. When one knows this and has seen laboratory reports on the dangers of dust, one realises that there aren’t that many clean wild bird foods on the market.

"Safety first: select a wild bird food that's been thoroughly cleaned."

Thank heavens Haith’s bird diets have all been supercleaned, though. You can read more about the lengths they go to at

Written by Simon H. King

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