York’s Rowntree Park in all its glory

York’s Rowntree Park in all its glory

Lucy K captured the enchanting allure of York's Rowntree Park gardens in a series of captivating photographs during a recent stroll. Nestled a brief distance from the bustling city center alongside the tranquil River Ouse, this sprawling 30-acre park has undergone a remarkable £1.8 million refurbishment, generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The overarching aim of this endeavor was to meticulously restore the park to its original grandeur, preserving its historical and cultural significance for generations to come.

Originally gifted to the City of York by Messrs Rowntree & Co. in 1921, Rowntree Park stands as a poignant memorial honouring the sacrifices of the Cocoa Works staff during the tumultuous era of World War One. Beyond its lush greenery and serene landscapes, the park serves as a testament to the resilience and spirit of community that defines York's rich tapestry of history.

Lucy K's photographs offer a glimpse into the park's timeless beauty, where verdant foliage and winding pathways beckon visitors to explore its tranquil surroundings. Each snapshot captures the essence of Rowntree Park, showcasing its serene ponds, majestic trees, and meticulously manicured gardens.

As one wanders through the park's winding trails, they are enveloped by a sense of tranquility and reverence, honouring the memory of those who have gone before. Rowntree Park stands not only as a cherished sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike but also as a living testament to the enduring legacy of generosity and remembrance.

In Lucy K's lens, Rowntree Park emerges in all its splendour, a timeless oasis of beauty and reflection amidst the bustling city scape of York. Through her evocative imagery, she invites viewers to immerse themselves in the park's rich history and natural splendour, celebrating the enduring spirit of community and remembrance that defines this cherished urban sanctuary.


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Thank you, Lucy K.

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