It was nice to see you!

It was nice to see you!

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who made Haith's feel welcome at this year's Budgerigar Society World Championship Show this past weekend. Trevor and I enjoyed every minute and we're already making plans to attend next year.

We enjoyed chatting to everyone who took the time to drop by the stand and take a look at the new "Clubman" range, which has been priced very keenly to support those who breed budgies and buy seed in bulk or can collect direct from our factory in Grimsby. Hopefully, you'll all always known that Haith's is good for your budgies - now it's good for your pocket!

The feedback we received about the "Clubman" range was very positive and I, therefore, hope to see many of you soon in the shop or ordering via Connor Hopkins on 0800 298 7054 for 10 bags or more.

Members of the Haith's Team
The trade stands this year were busy; there seemed to be a lot more people attending than in previous years; I also noticed a few young members attending, which must be good news for the Budgerigar Society.

Our stand had a lot of interest specifically in the history of Haith's with people reminiscing about walking around the old Park Street premises as children with parents/grandparents. Let's face it, the smell of aniseed is unmistakable and the feel of the super-clean seed has been something that's been with us ever since Ted Haith founded Haith's in 1937.

If you visited the stand, I am glad you enjoyed the old photos from bygone times; we pride ourselves on our history as well as our quality seed; however, we'd like to think we remain at the forefront of bird food nutrition and that's why we work closely with avian experts, to refine our range and keep quality a core value in everything we do.

I was told by a few members that some keepers hadn’t displayed this year due to late moults and not being ready, I must say even though this was (or may have been) the case, the birds looked beautiful to me. It still amazes me that hundreds of birds just stop singing as soon as someone drops something or there is a strange noise. I loved walking around and looking at all the different budgerigars - I still don’t know all the colours, but I will keep reading and learning as I'd like to know a lot more about keeping budgies.

Congratulations to all the entries and the winners and the show organisers - these things don't happen by themselves, do they?

I/we will see you all next year.

Best wishes

Jayne and Trev - Haith's budgie show team

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Written by Jayne

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