Haith's PRO Shortlisted for Prestigious BIAZA Award in June 2015

Haith's PRO Shortlisted for Prestigious BIAZA Award in June 2015

Haith's PRO will be awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold for the category of Animal Breeding, Care & Welfare at the BIAZA AGM Gala Dinner on the 10th June at Woburn Safari Park.

BIAZA Awards - Celebrating Excellence

BIAZA Awards
The Annual Awards are the means by which BIAZA recognises and rewards the hard work and successes of our Members. They also enhance the reputation of individual collections, and can be used to provide good, positive publicity, especially on a local level.

2015 will see BIAZA's new-look awards programme rolled out, offering a chance to achieve a Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate for each of the following award categories:

1. Animal Breeding, Care and Welfare
2. Conservation
3. Education
4. Exhibits
5. Horticulture
6. PR, Marketing, Digital and Events
7. Research
8. Sustainability

BIAZA has over 100 members who must do more than comply with zoo legislation in Britain and Ireland. Member collections must undertake significant work in the field of animal welfare, conservation, education and research. Haith’s is a corporate supporter of #BIAZA and provides its SuperClean bird diets to the zoo community, where its diets are fed to rare and endangered species of birds. 

Written by Simon H. King

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