Keeping Zebra finches as pets

Keeping Zebra finches as pets

Zebra finches are small, delightful birds and can be found across most of Australia, they belong to the subfamily Estrildidae (weaver finches).

They have a striking colouration of a classic grey, zebra-like stripes across its neck (this is where it gets its name) black and chestnut body with a bright red-orange beak, that is relatively easy to see from a distance.

These little birds are very easy to care for and easy to breed, generally, they are kept in pairs, but if you only have one you do not need to keep them company all the time, just talk to them when you are there and maybe play the radio when you go out – other than that they are perfectly fine on their own. They are extremely social and gregarious and are known for being highly vocal songbirds. Their song is a few beeps, leading up to a rhythmic song and each male’s song is different. As there are many finch species the Zebra Finch is one of the most popular being sweet-tempered and highly active and will make wonderful pets.

One of the best ways to house finches to make them feel secure is to ensure there is always plenty of space especially for perches, and attaching the perch at one end will make it slightly springy this will help provide them with some exercise. Also, you may find that the finches will make good use of a water bath, it will allow them to have some fun and a splash about, these should be given at least once a week.

When it comes to feeding it is quite simple, as they are seed-eating birds Haith's Foreign Finch is a low-fat mixture that provides most of the essential requirements they need and consists of plain canary and millets. Also, in addition to this food Foreign Finch tonic should be fed daily it is a special mix with a variety of tonic seeds that will keep them in top form. Ideally, this should be given in a separate dish.

As a special treat, they love to peck at millet sprays which are a tasty and natural addition to their diet and can be very beneficial when soaked and used as a rearing food.

Grits are very essential in all seed-eating birds ‘digestive systems and will help grind down the seed in their gizzards, it will also supply some of the minerals and trace elements essential to good health. Cuttlefish is a good source of calcium and a great way to keep their beaks healthy.

These cute birds are loved by many and if they bond with people will happily perch on your shoulder or hand and be perfectly comfortable.

Foreign Finch Mix
Written by Tina Jakes

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